Zimbabwean senator proposes ending AIDS crisis by mutilating women and preventing them from bathing


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  1. Judas Peckerwood says:

    Well, he does clearly have science on his side here.

    • philllies says:

      Mystery science 2012 maybe. 

      Is he a fundamentalist Baptist, or some other religion? Hope he is not a gynecologist. For that matter, I hope his doctorate is in folklore, rather than medicine. Or maybe this is what passes for Zimbabwean comedy/sarcasm. 

  2. Jason says:


    • bcsizemo says:

      I’m not even sure he knows how men work…

      Implying men wouldn’t have sex with ugly stinky women who dress badly if they were the only women around….is he serious?

  3. inkfumes says:

    What I propose is that the government should come up with a law that compels people to know wtf they are talking about.

  4. voiceinthedistance says:

    Hmmm.  I wonder if the idea of cutting off all men’s penises ever occurred to Mr. Femai.  It would seem to be a more sure fire approach to solving the problem troubling him.  Of course, there’s still the damned moisture problem.  I’ve got no suggestions as to how to suck out all that moisture.  

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

       I don’t know the answer to all that but cutting off his genitals is certainly worth it as a trial run.

      • ImmutableMichael says:

        I’d be prepared to give it a go in the name of science. If cutting off his genitals is what it takes, then I am prepared to make that sacrifice. I regret only that I have only one set of Senator Femai’s genitals to give.

  5. There’s waaaay more moisture inside that skull of his.

    Probably fungi too.

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

      Good luck finding a heart though.

      •  Right on.

        I don’t want my elected leaders to be rocket scientists. I just want them to empathize with the less favored of their constituents.

        • Jonathan Roberts says:

          I have no problem with my elected leaders not being experts in climate science, gynecology, medicine etc., I’d just rather they didn’t think they were.

          • ocker3 says:

             This smacks of poorly chosen advisors/lobbyists leading a candidate with little background knowledge down the garden path. And it’s at least partly his fault because knowing whom to trust and having a strong bullshit filter are two key skills in a politician.

  6. Chuck says:

    “Some men from America gave me money to say that. They claimed that news of my speech would make them sound sane in comparison. “

  7. Ashley Yakeley says:

    “Sithembile Mlotshwa, an MDC senator from Matobo, recently said people should have sex once a month and that men should be injected with drugs that reduce their libido, reported All Africa. She also called for prisoners to be given sex toys to satisfy their sexual needs.”

    Why doesn’t anyone pick on their own gender?

  8. snagglepuss says:

    Rick Santorum’s Brother By Another Mother.

    Holy FUCK, this nutcase would fit right in with  American fundaloonies. Especially the “It’s ALWAYS the WOMAN’S fault !! They’re all diseased SLUTS !!” attitude.

    Quick, somebody alert the US State Department and tell them to NOT allow this asshole to enter the country at the invitation of the GOP, to be a Guest Speaker at a Family First rally.

  9. TooGoodToCheck says:

    Wait, wait, we don’t need mutilation.  We just need a 100 mile electrified fence. . .

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      I think loonies like him could fit in a much smaller enclosure.

      • renke says:

        lemme see – circle with 100 miles circumference, about 10 new loonies per day based on boingboing posts.

        when we allow the population density of New York City the enclosure is adequate for nearly 6 millenia.

  10. Tommy Timefishblue says:

    So what he’s saying is that he wants to sap all of our precious, bodily fluids?

  11. I think it’s high time we start dealing with this moist women issue.  Females have been humid for far too long, and we as a society must work to dry them up.

    The only logical course of action is to move all persons testing gyno-positive to a vast salt flat and feed them nothing but crackers and vermouth.

    God bless you, Senator Femai, for showing us the path to arid vaginobeasts!

  12. I believe his “women are moist and therefore dirty/diseased” belief may come from this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_sex

    • zarray says:



      • ocker3 says:

         Some cultures have weird habits, some of which have worse impacts on their citizens than others. Douching for example is a Really Bad thing (is there in fact a time when it isn’t??), but you can still probably buy a kit really easily.

    • marilove says:

      The best part about this practice being that a dry vagina will likely result in a lot, lot more irritation during sex, which could include lots of tiny little cuts, making the spread of HIV even easier.  YAY!

    • CH says:

      Ouch, ouch, ouch! The things you learn on BoingBoing… 
      Yeah, I should not be surprised. And “wet” women being unchaste. Figures. If women actually enjoy sex they must be wh*res… can’t have that, can we?

    • jennix says:

      … thanks a lot. Now i have to figure out how to wash my brain out with soap.

  13. abstract_reg says:

    Can’t we give him credit for having some understanding of the germ theory of disease? I mean it could be worse: he could be blaming the illness on a vengeful God angry for people having sex.
    Wait, you’re telling me there are still people who say that?

    • digi_owl says:

      Not only that, but they seem to hold a strong position within a big political party in a superpower…

    • He doesn’t even really have an understanding of germ theory in the slightest. HIV is a virus. Has nothing to do with bacteria/germs. 

      • abstract_reg says:

         True enough, so he has a faulty understanding of germ theory as well. Guy can’t catch a break. (Except being elected into public office.)

  14. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    2 – How can someone like this get elected?!  Is this not exactly the poster child we need to overcome the whole religious  interference in teaching people how their bodies work and how disease is spread?  Making statements like this show how misinformation breeds and runs rampant.
    While I don’t think we have to force them to do it “our” way, I think we need to radically change course and stop this sort of insanity.  Give people facts and knowledge not folklore and insanity.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Elected? It’s Zimbabwe. People vote for whomever Mugabe tells them to vote for. And if they don’t, they just announce him as the winner anyway.

      • Nadreck says:

        Indeed.  Mugabe has been running the country into the grave since about 5 minutes after the civil war ended: starting with his genocidal attacks on other tribes in order to consolidate his power.  However, he was, and continues to be in some cases, cheerfully supported by people in the West because he’s a black guy who helped boot out an evil white guy.  After all, the whole universe is just like the 60s US civil rights movement, right?

        The possibility that he would end up being orders of magnitude worse than what he replaced never occurred.  Dr. Nkomo’s speech “We who fought against these things now practice them..”, made while burying another revolutionary hero murdered by Mugabe, is required reading for all such racist orientalists.  http://www.thezimbabwean.co.uk/news/14323/speech-made-by-dr-joshua-nkomo-.html

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          However, he was, and continues to be in some cases, cheerfully supported by people in the West because he’s a black guy who helped boot out an evil white guy.

          Do you have any examples of that? I helped put Mr. Mugabe in power, and I haven’t supported him for some decades now.

          • Ladyfingers says:

            He’s not entirely wrong. Mugabe was supported almost unconditionally during the 80s because he was on the northern border of Apartheid-era South Africa. 

            The West was happy to support one of the only African regimes that was anti-communist especially if it functioned as moral posturing that got them cheaper minerals from their southern neighbour.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Mugabe is a communist (in name at least.) ZANU is a communist organization. ZAPU, their partner in the Patriotic Front, wasn’t, but they lost, mostly because ZANU was associated with the majority Shona and ZAPU with the minority Ndebele.

          • Ladyfingers says:

            It’s more posturing. Being communist “in name” would get them loads of AK-47s and support from militant factions that communist rhetoric seemed capable of creating during the Cold War.

            The SACP is a pretty large part of the ANC, but that doesn’t mean they’re rounding up kulaks (yet).

      • digi_owl says:

        I wonder how much of their current issues are a legacy of the British rule…

        I wonder this because the current middle eastern mess is a direct result of British crazy…


        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Homophobia, which is frequently championed as an aspect of local culture in several African countries, seems to have largely been a colonial import from Europe.

          • digi_owl says:

            Makes one wonder, given that the Romans apparently did not care either way as long as you did not flaunt it (something one or two emperors did).

      • Actually he is from the opposition party. Whatever it means there…

    • marilove says:

      Elected. Nice. LOL. This is Zimbabwe. I mean come on.

  15. syncrotic says:

     Zimbabwe: almost a country, since 1980.

  16. kP says:

    You sure this dude ain’t from Florida?

  17. Kimmo says:

    LOL, cultural relativism.

  18. bcveen says:

    I’m admittedly fairly ignorant of the religious landscape of Anglophone African, but does anyone see a parallel here with the “Second Great Awakening” of nineteenth-century America, in which all manner of syncretistic belief systems emerged, combining vaguely Christian beliefs with folk religion and popular spirituality (i.e. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Mormonism, etc.)? I mean, Evangelicals have been aggressively proselytizing Anglophone Africa for generations.  How much of this anti-woman, anti-gay attitude is attributable to  indigenous beliefs and how much to aggressive Western religious indoctrination?

  19. Nate Cougill says:

    Why didn’t we think of that?! It’s WAY easier than wearing condoms! This guy’s ignorance is painful!

  20. noah django says:

    Morgan Femai:  spokesman, Idiots Without Borders

    • Red Garner says:

       There is a HUGE difference between male circumcision and female circumcision. Huge.

      • Ladyfingers says:

        Depends on the type.

        Globally, the two most common forms of FGM are hood-splitting (which is less invasive than male cutting) and hood-trimming, which removes identical tissue (the prepuce) and is available as a cosmetic procedure in the West called a “hoodectomy” or “Toronto Trim”.

        Trimming the labia minora is another popular procedure in the West, but in FGM is usually accompanied by removal of the entire clitoris.  To say nothing of the hygiene problems. Which, incidentally, also kill hundreds of men in African ritual cutting every year.

        Both are rooted in suppressing sexual pleasure and are culturally rationalised as “hygienic”. Performed on infants, both are ethical violations on the autonomy and integrity of the body. At least in the West girls are protected by law. No luck for boys, though.

        And despite the MPs’ dedication, it’s too bad the research is bogus: http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/2012/05/when-bad-science-kills-or-how-to-spread-aids/

        • chgoliz says:

          Don’t forget the part about FGM usually being done on children or adolescents (not babies) and that it routinely causes lifelong problems with sex, childbirth, and evacuating urine/feces….fistulas being a prime example.

          • Ladyfingers says:

            In the more severe forms, yes. It is a socially-endorsed crime.

            Let’s also note that MGM in Turkey and in many parts of Africa is, in fact, performed on older children and teenagers without anaesthetic, frequently resulting in gangrene, loss of the entire penis and death.

            For what it’s worth, I’m not trying to minimise the horror of FGM, we all know it’s absolutely awful. I’m trying to emphasise what a blind eye we turn to the genital mutilation of males.

  21. Jake0748 says:

    Wait a minute…  ” Femai speaking to a parliamentary HIV awareness workshop in the central city of Kadoma”… 
     This was an HIV awareness workshop?  On what planet?  WTF was he even doing there?

  22. Wouldn’t it simply be easier to chemically castrate all the men?  They take a pill every week and it acts like anti-Viagra…woohoo, no sex!  Best of all, they won’t be able to BREED that way!  :D

    Also, did anyone else get the impression that this guy is like…seriously in the closet?  I mean, he wants WOMEN to be ugly and smelly and MAN LIKE…pretty sure he’s just lookin for transexual women to try and hide his love of the dark side of the rump ride.

    As an alternative, we could simply carpet bomb the entire “country” into complete oblivion…I mean, that ~would~ stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

  23. RuthlessRuben says:

    Ah yes, Zimbabwe, proving once again that, no matter how cruel, inhumane or downright horrible your idea, some official in Africa is ready to one-up you on it.

    I remember a story from some point in the early 2000′s about the former king of Zimbabwe releasing a book that blamed women’s suffrage for climate change. Among several other things. And this guy probably has a signed copy on his coffee table.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      The last King of Zimbabwe was George VI, Elizabeth II’s father. I don’t think that there’s been a local monarch since the 19th century.

      • RuthlessRuben says:

         Whelp, my mistake then. Best take the story with a grain of salt until I can pin that random fact on some definite person.

  24. SoItBegins says:

    Um, HIV is not a bacterium. It is a retrovirus. [/missingthepoint]

  25. Petzl says:

    There are wars on women, and wars on women.

  26. iCowboy says:

    Oh dear lord, the MDC were meant to be the sane alternative to Robert Mugabe. Carry on like this and they could secure the GOP nomination.

  27. Sebastian Wiers says:

    Yeah, his idiocy is shocking.  Its also only slightly more outlandish than what you see in the US congress / senate (or for a more direct comparison, state legislatures).

  28. Digilante says:

    “African solutions for African problems” – that’s all I heard for decades. What makes this case so special?

  29. What a bastion of civil liberties.

    Send this man the Nobel Peace Prize, stat.

  30. journey46 says:

    Moisture is an “M” word.

    If “M” words must be dealt with using dehumanization or castration then one must include other “M” words like

    Morgan, Miscreant, and Morgan’s Man Parts.

  31. Nina O says:

    Mockery seems rather hollow in sight of so much undisguised misogyny.

  32. Colin Berry says:

    Ugh, I wish this post didn’t appear right above an ad for hunting knives. Made me a little queasy.

  33. el dueno says:

    On the other hand, women won’t touch a man who doesn’t shave and has his penis cut-off. That too would protect against transmission of HIV. There are probably some angry Zimbabwean women out there volunteering to start the program. Perhaps Mr Fernai would like to be the first in line for the procedure.

  34. Jim says:

    If Morgan Femai  were only born in the USA, he’d have just taken the top spot on Mitt Romney’s list of potential VP candidates.   Maybe he should run for governor for the Arizona GOP.

  35. thermoplasticity says:

    I just love the advanced future world of 2012! 

  36. Ipo says:

     George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina would probably vote for him. 

  37. Probably believes that HIV is cured by having sex with a virgin.   That is one for the creepy and powerful of Africa to try.

  38. benher says:

    How to cure HIV/AIDs: Eat Da Poo Poo! 

    (Google it if you don’t know, but you’d have to be living under the same rock as the guy who hasn’t heard of LOLCATs)

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