Ted Kaczynski's Harvard alumni directory listing

Ted Kaczynski updated his own entry in the Harvard alumni directory, just in time for his class's 50th reunion:

While many of his classmates sent in lengthy updates on their lives for the 2 ½-inch-thick “red book,” the entry for “Theodore John Kaczynski” only contains nine lines.

The listing says his occupation is “Prisoner,” and his home address is “No. 04475-046, US Penitentiary—Max, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 8126-8500.”

Under the awards section, the listing says, “Eight life sentences, issued by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, 1998.”

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski lists self as ‘prisoner’ in Harvard alumni directory (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. It would appear that he is doing it for the lulz, or as a way of not-playing-harvard’s game; because he actually has a pretty decent selection of academic publications to list, if he felt like it. Listing only his expanded manifesto and his sentences is a deliberate choice, not a lack of material…

    1. Yeah, I think it’s a combo of lulz and expressing the difference in values that led him to become a murderous lunatic.  Listing his life sentences as awards/honors I think drives home the irony.  I suspect he really does think it’s an honor for the state to have decided he needs to be locked up for the rest of his life, whereas he opted out of the sort of academic laurels he is supposed to list there long ago.

      By the way, love your ‘nym and avatar.

      1.  I suspect it is a combination of lulz and preference for precise definitions: sentences are awarded after all.

        1. Although it is painfully obvious he went about his assault on the system and technology in a purely violent/primitive and somewhat selfish way it doesnt mean he was wrong in his ideas.  The system has pretty much done what he said it would and devoured the average man.  Again, he was wrong to hurt people(mostly people he personally didnt like) but that doesnt make him incorrect that technology will eventually ruin life as it was meant to be. Possibly overtaking money as the root of all evil. 

          9,000,000,000 porn sites,  and only 5-10 decent knowledge filled information sites. Yes iphones are fun and most tech saves time and is very useful, but eventually everything will be tech, and it will only take a single 12 year old russian/asian/etc child to bring countries to their knees and disrupt EVERYTHING. If an accidental virus or operator error doesnt do it first. (Future error-Just digitized every bit of knowledge to preserve it for all time and clear out the warehouses housing it all, oops hit delete.)  You already cannot believe video you see or nearly anything the media tells you, so they can literally edit your reality and make you into human robots making bad choices as per their suggestions/information-Undeniable Fact.

          Eventually trillions of jobs will be lost to faster cheaper machines.  We are already retracting from society as a whole while pretending we are somehow closer because we have these distant connections.  Long distant relationshits comes to mind.  Yeah I can send you a text in italy, but I cannot feel your warmth, feel your essence, or not truly feel alone.  Which in turn breeds people who want for attention and try to find it by sitting in front of a webcam all day being boring or annoying, or being even more bored as to watch the webcam all day….

          There just has to be a way to fix it all without violence or stupidity.
          There has to be some happy middle ground where we still see people and personal interactions as important.  Or maybe we are just doomed to make the movie idiocracy a reality.  Seems to me cussing, fighting , sex and fart jokes are alive and well in todays television programs.  Also a given that if it says “reality” in the title there is nothing real about it.

          “Reality is relative, but lately its been relatively unreal…..”-Me, just now.

  2. It is pretty funny though… if I was in his position (jailed forever and crazy), I would probably do things like that to amuse myself.

    Charlie Manson behaves similarly when he is allowed to do interviews or give statements to parole boards.

    PB “What are you going to do upon release Mr. Manson?”

    CM “I’m gonna stack them bodies to the sky!”  “Bark, Bark”  “What”

    PB “Parole Denied”

    CM “Awe shucks, I did not see that coming.”

      1. I think old celebrity prisoners should be put on display and used as a sideshow act to generate the money back that society wasted housing feeding and caring for them.

        I would pay $20 to see Manson or Ted rant.  

  3. Parole Board: What will you do upon release, Ted?
    TK:  “Oh, probably type up some notes.”

    1. Yes! I learned about that for the first time during all the Wikipedia look-ups I had to do after Charlie Stross’s post about conspiracy theories.

  4. Amusing. Some of the labs at Harvard Medical School had information posted about handling suspicious mail and packages to ensure that they were not bombs, thanks to this guy.

    1. As did the wards at UCSF and every other research hospital. I rejected packages.

  5. Hey!  That’s not so very cool, posting his home address out here in a public forum.  Some Anonymous scamp might wait for some dark night and then sneak in and short-sheet poor Dr Kaczynski’s bed while he’s out.

  6. …Is there another name for “gallows humor” that applies to someone who only got life in prison?

  7. Oh, I dunno. I read this when the “Red Book” came out (I’m also class of ’62) and I thought “Well, if you had to wait 50 years to make a joke, at least it’s a good one.”

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