Boars Gore and Swords Season 2, third best Game of Thrones podcast

I recently spent a couple of days catching up on my absolutely favorite podcast: Boars Gore and Swords. San Francisco based comedians and hosts Ivan Hernandez and Red Scott are back; making getting it wrong so very right.

The dynamic duo started podcasting in Season One; half enamored and half bewildered by HBO's Game of Thrones. Never having read Geore R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice the two clumsily misinterpret names, places, events, customs and politics of Westeros to raucous hilarity.

Season Two is stronger than ever. With a sparkling new Tumblr blog they are also posting up listener submitted content and corrections (praise to @mhunger for the comprehensive list every week!) Red and Ivan are both more comfortable, casual and just coming off a podcasted book club where they actually read the first epic novel!

Boars Gore and Swords Season 1, Bookclub and Season 2 podcasts

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