Boars Gore and Swords Season 2, third best Game of Thrones podcast


5 Responses to “Boars Gore and Swords Season 2, third best Game of Thrones podcast”

  1. I also love this podcast, these guys are hilarious, and even though they get a lot of things wrong, at least they try. I wish the same could be said of every Game Of Thrones podcast out there.

  2. Colin White says:

    The second season has been great. I’m also looking forward to the ‘Book Club’ part of the podcast as well. Ivan & Red could easily do weekly reviews of shows or books and it would be high entertainment. Keep up the good work! 

  3. adent1066 says:

    Great podcast.  I enjoy it very much.  Looking forward to the book club for book two starting soon.

  4. PolishQ says:

    So, what are the first and second best GoT podcasts?

    • adent1066 says:

      Can’t tell if you’re being serious or not, but the third best podcast reference is an in-joke from the podcast.  You will hear the boys refer to it often.  I believe it comes from a early listener’s iTunes comment.

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