The modded musical Game Boys of Blip Festival

I'm at Blip Festival in New York this weekend checking out all the bleeps and bloops people are making. Blip Festival itself starts tonight, but last night NY Pulsewave had an open mic night and I decided to grab a few of the artists to photograph their instruments: mostly custom modified Game Boys. I've included a few highlights here, and the full set is on my Flickr.

Pictured above is Andrew Gould's (AKA andaruGO) GBM1 Game Boy Classic. It's a great example of the two most popular mods: He's got a custom backlit screen that helps him see the music in the dark, and a wiring modification called Prosound which bypasses the standard headphone jack and wires directly into the device's audio chip for better quality sound. He's using the LSDJ cartridge, pretty much the standard for the Game Boy Classic performers. There's also a custom blue screen protector he received as a gift from an internet friend.

Blip Festival Game Boys - Flickr


  1. Korg DS 10 is a pretty amazing piece of software. Anyone who wants to get into this sort of music without messing with a soldering iron should scoop up a used DS and a copy. 

    You’ll be getting delicious 8 bit noises in no time. 

  2. There’s a lot of nice home brew sound manipulation programs for the DS series. has nice collection of links. I highly recommend “Protein DS” for scratching and sample looping, “Glitch DS” is also fun but more for aleatronic (new term?) composition.

  3. “Now Finn, vibrate your uvula by dampening and undampening your larynx.” ~ Princess Bubblegum, aka PB

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