Fun mini documentary: dressing up like Enid Coleslaw for Daniel Clowes event


5 Responses to “Fun mini documentary: dressing up like Enid Coleslaw for Daniel Clowes event”

  1. I could never take my daughter there as a toddler. She was always afraid of the ‘one-eyed baby’ that was their neon logo.

  2. Haw! That’s Daniel Clowes’s mascot “Mel” that he created for Meltdown. Funny to hear that it scares customers away…

    That was a fun, memorable, night. The Enid costumes were incredible! Thanks to  Mark Frauenfelder, Gaston and all at Meltdown.

    -Alvin Buenaventura

    and for all things Daniel Clowes please visit

  3. zapan says:

    There will always be one and only Enid Coleslaw.
    Thora, we miss you. Please make more than a movie every two year, and have an extra piece of cake, it makes you look good.

  4. I love seeing people meet their influential heroes. It’s a great feeling, and one you never forget. Thanks for sharing guys.

  5. einsteinatthemall says:

    I would like to see a documentary film made about the making of this short film. And then of course there should be a coffee table book published about the documentary film that was made about this short film – and then a feature film based on the coffee table book should be made. And then a web-only short film should be made about the making of the coffee table book. The projects and marketing possibilities could go on forever.

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