It's shopped, this new app will be able to tell by the pixels

At Poynter, Craig Silverman writes about FourAndSix, a new photo forensics tool now in beta. The idea is to create tools that "sniff out digitally altered images." Two of the people behind it: Kevin Connor, former VP of product management for Adobe Photoshop, and digital image forensics expert Dr. Hany Farid. (via Erin Siegal)


  1. I’m slightly perturbed by all the errors in Farid’s analyses that are pointed out by commenters on that blog page.

    IMO, the most striking one is that he appears to be claiming that the highlights on Laurence Fishburne’s head are somehow faulty because they appear at a different point on his reflection in the mirror.  Either I’m misunderstanding what he’s said, or he has a poor understanding of how specular reflections are a function of the viewer-to-subject relative position.

    Can’t help feeling that this software is just going to kick off a whole new era of everyone claiming every image ever is faked!

    1. I think it’s been years since I haven’t altered a photograph for contrast, sharpness, or cropping. That’s not going to mess up reflections, but I wonder how useful it leaves metadata.

  2. I use multiple flashes all the time in my PAX photography, and use bounce flash with Gary Fong diffusion systems (expensive Tupperware for the flash)… both of these would result in false positives in every single photograph that I took.

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