Canadian psycho arrested in Berlin

Rocco Luka Magnotta, also known as Eric Clinton Newman, was arrested this morning in Berlin. The Canadian porn actor is a suspect in the murder of Lin Jun, a 33-year-old student from China, whose body parts were subsequently mailed to political parties. Megan Gibson writes:

Though the discovery of the body parts already made for grim headlines, the unearthing of a “snuff film” — a video of the murder taking place — on a Canadian website added another layer of horror. Called “1 Lunatic 1 Ice-Pick”, the 11-minute video depicts the murder, sexual assault and dismemberment of Lin. Canadian police say they believe the video is authentic.

Magnotta, who has also been known by the names Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov, had a disturbing online presence and promptly became a suspect. News stories revealed that he had once been thought to have once dated a notorious Canadian serial killer, had blogged about necrophilia and posted a video online showing him suffocating kittens.

They found him in an internet café. I guess he just couldn't make the break.


‘Canadian Psycho’: Porn Star Mail Murderer Arrested in Germany [Time]


    1. Someone needs to ask Vic this. On top of the whole “people tried to get the cops to investigate for years” thing.

    2. Anyone who wants to move from Canada to Germany is obviously a serial killer — so you just have to arrest everyone who buys tickets to Germany. What are you, an idiot? 

  1. Ha, the poor fool could not resist the mirrored limelight of his twisted narcissism and in the end it betrayed him. 

    The chill that could result as response to government spying on internet use could have actually prevented or delayed the apprehension of this sociopath.

    1. Back in my Internet days before Twitter I used to get my fix of pop culture by hanging out in the Television and Celebrity forums of Craigslist. Luka Magnotta spam was all over all the forums. Someone, presumably this psycho, was trying to make Luka a celebrity. 

      Here’s one of the oldest SFW links I could find on CL complaining about all the Luka Magnotta spam.

      I’ll never be able to look at spammers the same way again. 

      1. Rants and Raves on Montreal Craigslist was full of Luka Magnotta for about a year, maybe 2? That and posts about something called “Frenchtard” which might have been him too… just as spammy and prolific.

      2. Here’s one of the oldest SFW links I could find

        You can post NSFW links here as long as you flag them as NSFW.

      3. He wouldn’t be the first spammer to turn out to be a deeply anti-social individual. Ronnie Scelson was arrested on charges of raping and molesting teenage girls (can’t find a record of any conviction on the web, so he may have been innocent), Eddie Davidson murdered his wife and child before killing himself, and there are probably other cases that fit the pattern.

        Choosing to make your living as a spammer indicates a deep-seated contempt for other human beings: rape and murder are probably just the ultimate expressions of that type of attitude.

        1. “Ronnie Scelson was arrested on charges of raping and molesting teenage girls (can’t find a record of any conviction on the web, so he may have been innocent)”

          You’re skill’s are weak old man:

          “Plaintiff is an inmate of the St. Tammany Parish Jail who indicates in his complaint that he was arrested on June 23, 2009 for molestation of a juvenile and was convicted of said crime on September 13, 2010.”

          Source: PDF REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS re 1 Complaint filed by Ronald R Scelson.
          Objections to R&R due by 12/14/2010. Signed by Magistrate Judge Alma L. Chasez on 11/29/10.(ala, )

    2. At least this narcissist only butchered one person, unlike a certain Swedish psycho.

        1. At least the Russian tin dictator didn’t start a worldwide war, unlike some crazy Austrian painter.

      1. At least this narcissist only butchered one person, unlike a certain Swedish psycho.

        Thomas Quick?  Peter Mangs?  The Swedish Chef?

  2. Reports are saying *near*. He might have been *near* a fire-hydrant too. Have they said if he was going to the i.c, or coming from it?

  3. Is it me, or is the Canadian psycho HOOOTTT!!! I’d cut off my right arm to be with him.

    1. >>I’d cut off my right arm to be with him.
      If you’d also roast it at 350 degrees for 4 hours on a bed of shallots, you might make a good couple.

    2. I’m saving my dismemberment/murder/cannibalism for marriage, thank you very much.

        1. It’s not like Charlize Theron actually looks like Charlize Theron when she’s not made up to further her brand.

          1. Dude, what’s with all this Charlize-hatred? She’s actually one of few celebs who look incredibly good even without airbrushing. Nothing to do with the sort of miracle-working photographers who made Mariah Carey a sex symbol at some point.

          2. You’re correct. She does look pretty much the same with or without paint and plaster. Much of Hollywood is barely recognizable without the trompe l’oeil.

  4. I find it interesting that it was an online community ( – NSFW or those with a weak stomach… or any humans really ;) that identified him from his past cat killing video’s as the man who made the snuff film…    

    1. this is not true. i ve seen the 1 lunatic 1 ice pick video. you cant see his face. only to verify his identify would be to track the source of the file back or perhaps match the location in the video to an apartment/building he rented. 

      also on bestgore some people believe the video to be much older and made by a russian. not sure why but they say they have seen it before.

      1. this is not true. i ve seen the 1 lunatic 1 ice pick video

        Why? Why in God’s (of FSM’s) name would you watch that video?

        This is a serious question. I can think of few things I’d be less likely to do than watch a video of a murder and dismemberment.

          1. You gave up your peace of mind for the rest of your life for the sake of satisfying your morbid curiosity. Whatever.

        1.  I don’t even want to click on any links in the comments just in case someone decides to post a “relevant” video that’s similar.

        2. I can think of few things I’d be less likely to do than watch a video of a murder and dismemberment.

          I guess you’ve never seen a Michael Bay film.

    2. Would his video, if authentic, be the first legitimate snuff film made for circulation on the internet and without any political underpinnings (self-immolation protests, beheadings by Chechen/Taliban extremists etc)?

      And I can’t believe that BestGore site. When I was in high school that sort of stuff could only be found deep within forums (before 4chan even) or on some pr0n, funny photoshop, GIF compilation CD that would make the rounds. The fact that there is a simple URL address for this stuff is insane. 

      I Google Image Searched ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ and 5 seconds was enough for me. 

      1. surely most people using the internet on a daily basis for work etc have heard of sites like rotten dot com. i had never heard of bestgore before this story but its not too far off. though it does put a sick focus on the perpetrators whereas rotten was more about the victims and horrific accidents. 

        the definition of a snuff film entails the fact that the film would have had to me made for monetary gain. this is not the case with manotta, at least not directly. in his twisted mind he may have done it for sick, perverted lust for fame but didnt receive direct payment from a third party (as far as we can tell).

        i had a brief gander at the other stuff at above mentioned website and shuddered after reading the titles of some of the posts. quite sick stuff.

        1. I usually stumble on porn whilst I’m working rather than gore stuff. I swear I wasn’t looking it up on purpose I swear!

          On snuff films; such content does not necessarily need to be distributed principally for financial gain to be defined as a snuff film. That element is more based on the urban legend that predates consumption and distribution via computers and the Internet. 

          That being said, videos of a murder/suicide that haven’t been accidentally captured by citizen or professional journalists nor footage that isn’t political in context has only popped up since 2001, according to Wikipedia. 

          Of the examples Lukas’s footage would probably be the first that was self-published and not merely a leak. The others have not been publicly released. 

      1. That’s pretty irrelevant.  There are plenty of people making money by filming themselves and putting it on their own PPV websites.  Ms. Bright is just using an old business model definition.

    1.  I don’t understand. Good looking people are supposed to be better than us. Are you saying this isn’t true?

    2. Good looks make you more likely to be a successful murderer since it’s easier to get people to go home and take drugs with you.

    3. Clearly the definition of ‘good looks’ is variable from person to person.

      If I batted for the other side this guy would be last on my list (unless we’re talking about taking a bat to his head). He just looks like a Zoolander wannabe.

        1. Really? 
          Is he considered hot by most gay gentlemen? 
          And Dames, would you? 

          Not knowing about his hobby of course. 

          To me he looks like a conceited little prick.

          1. Well, he’s not my type, but Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, etc. all seem to have come from the same mold.

    4.  Mens sana in corpore sano.  Not true you say?Someone please tell the Nazis when they  go back in time.  In einem gesunden Körper steckt auch ein gesunder Geist.

  5. “…Jun Lin, a 33-year old Chinese, whose…”

    Really? It’s okay to call someone “a Chinese” now?

    1. Acceptable as a noun (A Briton. An American. A German. A Chinese.) but awkward in some contexts because -ese also forms the adjective and creates ambiguity between plural and singular.

      1.  I listen to Librivox books when I’m doing the interminable driving I have to do for my job.  Since they’re all books whose copyright has expired, the language (and the constant smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes) in the text is sometimes a little jarring.

        The usage used to be ‘a Chinaman’.

      2. I’m not saying it’s unacceptable grammatically. It just seems insensitive here, like the only thing worth knowing about him was his nationality.

        1. I only really find it crass when it’s somehow important that they’re your nationality. It’s quite common on the BBC etc to report X number of Brtons dead, even if hundreds of others have died too. I’ve always wondered why me sharing an arbitrary nationality with these people makes them more important than all the others that have died.

    2. I am a non-native speaker, I have spent some time in the US, and I have been to Canada and the UK. I have years of experience commenting in many places. I had never found any indication that ‘Chinese’ is anything other that the nationality of people that comes from China.

      I am asking this for real, not being snarky: Can you tell me why is it not OK? What word do you propose to substitute it?

      1. The original comment was posted, apparently, because the poster thought that identifying the victim, Jun Lin, as Chinese was somehow derogatory. Actually, Lin was visiting from China and was correctly identified as being Chinese. It’s just the same as referring to Magnotta as being Canadian. He is from Canada (unfortunately for Canadians).

      2. I think some folks just find “-ese adjectives as nouns” awkward, and then assume from that that it must be offensive. After all, you’d never do it with -ish adjectives (“He is an English.”) 

        But then whereas Englishman and Englishwoman are proper, you’d never use something like Chineseman or Chinaman (!). So it’s a game of choose your awkward: adjective-as-noun or two words.

        1. I think there’s another reason, too.  For historical reasons, it might insensitive to reduce someone who’s in a minority group to a one-word noun based on their minority status, like “a Chinese,” “an Arab,” “a Jew” or “a black.”  

          It’s technically grammatical, and it might be completely innocent depending on the context.  However, it also comes uncomfortably close to insulting language that was used back in the “bad old days.”  E.g., a redneck referring to someone as “that Jew” or “all them Chinese.”

          It seems far more appropriate to add a few words to flesh out the description, like “a 33 year-old foreign exchange student from China,” or at least “a Chinese student” or “a Chinese man” (i.e., using the term as an adjective, not a noun).  

          These concerns obviously don’t apply to a phrase like “an American” or “a Briton,” where it’s pretty unlikely that the speaker is using the term pejoratively (at least in the US).

    3. Maybe it was a literal translation from French? “Un Chinois” would be perfectly acceptable.

  6. >Magnotta was spotted by a cafe owner in Berlin’s Neukölln district on Monday, police said. “Today, at about 1.30pm, a witness recognised Mr Magnotta in an internet cafe,” said Guido Busch, a spokesman for the city’s police. “Seven officers went into the cafe and immediately overpowered Magnotta, who tried at first to give a false name. The officers didn’t buy it.”<


      1. Thats usually in Germany and other “civilized” countrys, they also don’t have tasers to torture people like in the USA, only SEKs have them (german SWATs)

        1. They have managed to blow at least one person’s eye out of its socket (in the process of fracturing the socket itself) with a water cannon at a protest occupation.  USian riot police can only look on in envy.

          1. This cost the conservative CDU the election 2011 in Baden-Württemberg. The CDU dominated for 60 years the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg.

          2.  > This cost the conservative CDU the election 2011

            @yahoo-RKKPBJMHI22ZE7BO2BHOFA3TMM:disqus , I’m glad to hear there were consequences.

      2. i believe the statistic was on boingboing as well. last year in germany only 85 bullets were fired by police – in the whole country! only a handful of people died due to bullet wounds.

  7. Are we any closer to explaining the severed feet that keep washing ashore in Canada?

    1.  The best explanation so far is that they are suicides. People jump off a bridge wearing sneakers. Eventually their bodies decay and fall apart and a sneaker containing a foot floats to the surface and is washed ashore. Some of the feet have been verified to be from bridge jumpers.

  8. Could Boing Boing be doing any more to give the killer exactly what he wants? Calling him “Canadian psycho,” publishing that glam headshot…the guy was obsessed with celebrity and BoingBoing is playing right into it.

      1.  I think he committed this crime to get two things: Celebrity and to get people to watch his video online.

        Boing boing, by including the video name and his “glamour shot” is basically giving the guy the publicity he wanted.

        It’s maddening to see this guy’s obsession with fame coming true because of this deplorable act.

        1. he didnt make the video to add to his fame. he could have put his face in it otherwise. it was probably just added evidence so he could gloat he really did do it and got away with it. 

        2. Yes, let’s ignore him. That certainly wouldn’t lead him to do even worse in an attempt to get attention. /sarcam

          Besides which, being in custody, I doubt he’s reading about himself on BoingBoing. 

    1. Could Boing Boing be doing any more to give the killer exactly what he wants?

      Who cares? The publicity probably was what got him caught. Are you afraid that this will start a rash of copycat Canadian cannibal killers?

        1.  Quite nice of you to keep it toasty. Few murdering cannibals are so hospitable. Expect a good Yelp showing.

          1. “The candlelight serenade next to the large, blood-stained roasting spit is to die for!”

      1. Not cannibal, perhaps, but reportedly there is some connection between the guy and this lovely lady:

        Not to say we should avoid talking about them, nor that there’s any danger of normal people suddenly turning into psychopaths–but I suspect that these crazy fucks are all copycats of each other on some level.

  9. People like this will always exist unfortunately. Its a shame that the powers that be in canada think its a good talking point to get their corrupt legislation passed. We arent in pre-school, one person shouldnt ruin the world for everyone…

  10. awwww man! why oh why  did i decide to search 
    “1 Lunatic 1 Ice-Pick” while eating chocolate custard?

    1. Were you raised by wolves? The proper accompaniment for that video is red velvet cake and nitrous oxide. Not the trashy recipe with that horrid cream cheese icing, either! The proper recipe with shortening in the icing and vinegar in the batter.

  11. It could be worse… There was an American reporter on location in Africa that was forced (by the teleprompter) to use the term “African-American Africans” when referring to native Africans. Charlize Theron also has referred to herself as an African American (in jest)

    P.S. This psycho reminds me of the Chick/Dude from Liquid Sky.

    “They love me in Berlin Baby”

  12. Magnotta is just about the-most LOST SOUL I’ve ever heard of.
    I hope he wakes up to acknowledge the pointless/meaninglessness of his actions, so far. 

  13. The article points to his piece on disappearing. It’s quite a crappy read. What’s not stolen directly from Anarchists’ cookbook, or that other identity book from Paladin Press is totally jumbled and all over the place. This guy is a kook. What a douchebag. He looks like he stepped out of a bad glam boy band.  He should have to sit in a room with that Chinese (sorry Asian) guy’s parent’s for a few hours.  We really need to develop some sick perverted punishment for guys like this. Jail or death does not seem enough for what they did.  This dork is such an attention whore it’s pathetic.

    1.  “He should have to sit in a room with that Chinese (sorry Asian) guy’s parent’s for a few hours.”

      Murderers like him feel nothing for their victims. It would be an utterly pointless exercise and would probably traumatize the hell out of the victim’s parents.

  14. Gee, why doesn’t he run for congress.  He would fit right in.  I am sure he would get lots of votes.

  15. So how did this guy, after being put on a cross-Canada wanted list, and on Interpol’s wanted list, get through so many Canadian and European security check-points at various airports and train stations?  How many passports did this guy have?  Was one of them Jason Bourne?  Or is airport security just completely useless?

    1. ‘Completely useless’, it seems.

      A customer staffer in the bar/cafe recognized him and ran out onto the street to flag down a police van.

      1. But they recognized him when they saw him reading about himself online! So… looking over someone’s shoulder could be considered ‘internet surveillance’, right?

    2.  I wonder how many influential men (sugar daddies etc.) he knows who might have been helpful when he needed to leave town.

    3. he had time to leave the country while his packages were still in the mail. that gave him at least 5 working days. enough time to board a flight and leave canada for good. its amazing he was captured so quickly in berlin. 

    1. since Harper got his majority govt, it’s safer to have an american flag on the bag… i’m very ashamed of my govt. a real bunch of canadian-made wingnuts

  16. i’m really glad that the poor kitties he tortured and killed will finally have some justice, too.  this stain on the underpants of society is a good example of why we need tougher legislation regarding animal cruelty — if for no other reason than because a good many of them eventually “graduate” to doing the same thing to their fellow humans.  here’s hoping that no more lives will suffer at his hands.

    1. I think there really have been studies showing that the aptitude for torturing animals and people for pleasure/sport is linked. Makes sense. Really it looks the same and sounds the same. Suffering people look a lot like animals (because we are animals). That will prompt different reactions in different people. In some of us, it’s painful to watch and makes us want to help the person/animal in need. In others it causes contempt and detachment from the other. In some, they really seem to enjoy it. Sad to admit of our species, but true.

  17. well Montréal sure made the news (and Boing Boing) this month. Between the students/social movement and this psycho killer (cue the Talking Heads song) we are on the map, yes we are! A republican nightmare!

    1.  The trouble is, we human beings can only keep one news story about each of maybe three or four foreign countries in our head at one time. So while Magnotta/Newman is occupying the Canada slot, it’s pushed out the charivari. Almost as though it had been arranged….

    1. It was the video that convinced you he was crazy? Not the, you know, murder/cannibalism?

      1.  It’s just a different level when you see the atrocities. It’s like reading about the holocaust, and then seeing pictures of what went on.

        I will also never listen to New Orders “The Day Would Never Come” the same way again.

        1. That would be New Order’s “True Faith”. The song was also used in the club scene towards the beginning of the film version of American Psycho. I doubt that’s a coincidence.

  18. Personally, I think it is good that some people like him share what they do and make us see it. Otherwise, it’s easy for people to refuse to believe, or to blame victims of crimes even like these. Imagine there were no narcissist here drawing attention to himself. The headline would read “homosexual found dead, dismembered” if it read anything at all. “He was probably a whore” would be enough for everyone to feel safe about other people. And no one would care. All it takes is one home made movie to bring it home and crash a little compassion on some folk’s heads? Well, if that’s what it takes then thanks for sharing the horror that is you Luka. It’s a shame you exist, and a shame you weren’t stopped before you started torturing animals and people. But the real shame is, he’s rare… but not unheard of. It’s the fact he’s so interested in the spotlight that makes him special. 

  19. Funny but first off, if the title was “American psycho …” the yanks would have a field day complaining about anti-americanism, guess Canada should be ok with it?

    Secondly the u.s. v.s. Canadian bias in media is glaringly clear here, in Canada the story was run as a murderous man on the loose, in the u.s. the story was run as “Gay killer porn star on the loose”.

    Drop dead u.s., oh wait, thats already happening! 

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