Good new monthly e-comic: Double Barrel


7 Responses to “Good new monthly e-comic: Double Barrel”

  1. humanresource says:

    You can never have enough ellipses…

  2. Jay Mac says:

    TWO great artists and TWO great fellas from a town I’m proud to call home. Minneapolis/St. Paul are really kickin’ out the great comics! 

  3. Jonathan_Harford says:

    I would buy this without hesitation if it were packaged in CBZ files instead of phone app chronic rentals. I don’t want to have to worry that Comixology’s going to go belly-up and lose me all the comics I’ve “bought” from them or that they won’t be readable on my next phone.

  4. Steven Stwalley says:

    Two long comics plus bonus material by two of the best cartoonists in the business… I can’t wait to read it!

  5. charlie o says:

    They look like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg put in a close frame like that.

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