Good new monthly e-comic: Double Barrel

Leigh Walton of Top Shelf sent me a pre-release of Double Barrel, digital-only monthly action comics magazine from Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon (no relation, but it explains the title of the comic). It's available for download today. The first issue is a whopping 122 pages and costs just $1.99.

Zander's story is called "Heck," and is about a now middle-aged former high school football star who finds a portal to Hell in his basement. Kevin's story is called "Crater XV" and it's a continuation of the adventures of Army Shanks, a "crusty old sea dog and legendary brawler of the high Arctic seas," who was introduced in Kevin's 2009 graphic novel Far Arden. There comic also includes an inspirational article titled "How to Get Off Your Butt and Draw a Graphic Novel," as well as a readers' letters page (not sure how they pulled that off since this is the first issue.)

Leigh describes Double Barrel as "digital + monthly + indie + cheap + Love-&-Rockets-style two serials in one package = an irresistible combination of 'the good old days' and 'the brave new world.' We think this is a big deal."

I agree. The Cannons and Top Shelf are doing something right here. I can't quite pin my finger on it, but I have the feeling this is the true beginning of the future of digital comics.

Here's a good explanation from the Cannon's about why they are doing this, and below is a five-page excerpt from the introduction to this exciting new title.

Doublebarrel issue01 050312 3

Doublebarrel issue01 050312 4

Doublebarrel issue01 050312 5

Doublebarrel issue01 050312 6

Doublebarrel issue01 050312 7


  1. TWO great artists and TWO great fellas from a town I’m proud to call home. Minneapolis/St. Paul are really kickin’ out the great comics! 

  2. I would buy this without hesitation if it were packaged in CBZ files instead of phone app chronic rentals. I don’t want to have to worry that Comixology’s going to go belly-up and lose me all the comics I’ve “bought” from them or that they won’t be readable on my next phone.

      1. It’s not the issue of the format — it’s the issue that I have to subscribe to a platform that is not guaranteed to support my future devices, at which I’ll have to open an account and remember a password, and blah blah blah — I’m sure, as a reader of BoingBoing, you’re familiar with all the standard arguments against DRM.

        It’s a terrible system, and not one I want to support. CBZ, plz.

  3. Two long comics plus bonus material by two of the best cartoonists in the business… I can’t wait to read it!

  4. They look like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg put in a close frame like that.

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