Mind Blowing Movies: The Curse Of Mr. Bean


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  1. Smoobly Renfrew says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with 1) and 2). Still, The Stunt Man is no great shakes. For true brilliance, go back and view Becket.

  2. Mr. Protocol says:

    Years and years ago, my wife and I were visiting friends in Seattle.  Come evening, they turned to us and said, “Peter O’Toole is in a new movie, and it’s showing in only one theater.  Apparently the film isn’t being distributed yet so the people who made it rented a theater to try to get some traction.  Wanna go?”  And that’s how I first saw The Stunt Man.

    We returned to Los Angeles and started raving to everyone we knew “There’s this brilliant film with Peter O’Toole and you’re never going to get to see it!!!”  Yes, we definitely pronounced the exclamation points.

    A year or so later, Rush rented four Los Angeles theaters and showed The Stunt Man in L.A., and finally got is distribution deal.  My wife saw the film 27 times at last count…and claimed she still couldn’t make up her mind whether she actually liked it or not.

    Years later we went down to the Hotel del Coronado in  San Diego, where the film was shot, and talked to people who’d been working there during the shoot.  Rush, it seems, was a madman, like all indy producers.  At one point he got permission to build his own additional wooden tower on top of the Hotel Del, which is a national historic landmark.

    What he didn’t tell them is that he was going to blow the tower up.

    Apparently a significant piece of the ex-tower landed on the Mercedes owned by the chairman of the board of the Hotel Del.  Art imitates life.

  3. Kaleberg says:

    The wonderful thing about The Stunt Man is that if you were a film fan of a certain generation you could have sworn you had already seen the movie within the movie. The loving recreations as a backdrop for a backstage farce was a big part of the humor.

  4. Grey Devil says:

     So was this a write up on Stunt Man or Mr. Bean? Make up your mind, the first half of this article totally does not transition at all with the Mr. Bean part.

    • dioptase says:

      Well, driving a Mini is a bit like being a stunt man.

      When my wife and I were dating, we’d drive my Mini around for fun.  It’s a ’62.  No seatbelts.  And the passenger door would fly open on fast left turns.  All turns in a Mini are fast.  That’s half the fun!  If you ever saw the show Automan, you get the picture.

      Before each left turn (this is a left hand drive version), I’d warn her.  We’d link arms, she’d grab the door and brace herself. 

  5. Daneel says:

    Peter O’Toole was in Supergirl.

    Also disappointed that I confused The Stunt Man and Hooper.

  6. Jim Saul says:

    I’m surprised that Scanners has not yet be mentioned in this series.

  7. efergus3 says:

    Got a copy of The Stunt Man. SO many twists and turns, I had to watch it three times to be sure I knew what happened. Not a big Bean fan, though.

  8. sneaky_cat says:

    Stuntman remains #1 on my all time favorite movie list, even though visually it is starting to look like a seventies TV series. I met Richard Rush once at a screening in San Diego and asked if he ever thought of actually making the “movie within the movie”. He didn’t, but I still think it would be an awesome idea.

  9. Joe Maynard says:

    this is weird, I saw the Stunt Man on late night TV and thought it was awesome in a weird cheesy 70s way, but had no idea that it had any kind of cult following

  10. Timothy Krause says:

    You’re totally correct regarding Peter O’Toole. He was by far the best thing about Prometheus.

  11. Jerry Hilts says:

    Some people seem to be confusing “Peter O’Toole is good in anything” with “Anything with Peter O’Toole in it is good.”

    The former is a fact as unassailable as “water is wet”.  The latter is a different matter (as demonstrated by Supergirl).

  12. Doug Nelson says:

    This is frustrating. I saw “The Stunt Man” its opening weekend. Ever since, I’ve offered it as “my favorite movie” anytime someone asked. Over 30 years later, I’ve yet to meet anyone that had heard of it. Today I read this post and the comments and learn it has fans. Where have you people been?

  13. noah django says:

    my babysitter when I was in the first-grade lived in a co-op on the campus of the University of Michigan.  she and I and her housemates all watched The Stunt Man one night in the TV room of said co-op one night.  I remember that it was some kinda mindfuck, but not much else.  Thanks for reminding me of it, though.  Will fire it up on Netflix tomorrow :)

  14. Bad Juju says:

    Upon recommendation of this article, we attempted to watch this movie last night.  Only got about 45 min in & had to stop because it just seemed like a long-form CHiPs episode. 
    I’ll give it another try..some time.

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