Trailer for crowd funded zombie web series : The Silent City


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  1. ADavies says:

    How can I watch the episodes when they come out?

  2. Amber says:

    The only thing that’s silly about this, is the fact her make-up is still picture perfect. She’s been sitting in a hot room for who knows how long, her face should be sweating. Even afterwards, her face is always perfectly clean, perfectly make-up’d. That just keeps it boring and unrealistic.

    • I was just about to say that! But on the other hand its mighty that someone does something cool that they love. I’m gonna buy it if its available (but I’ll still giggle a little about her not only perfect make up but very much overdone make-up (glue on eyelashes and killer-level-mascara))

    • mwhitlatch says:

      Obviously, no one here has heard of the Covergirl post-apocalyptic line of makeup.  I noticed the makeup too, but I think they were completely different scenes and could have spanned days, because I think she was wearing another outfit?  I’m fairly certain that there are women in the world that wouldn’t let a little thing like an apocalypse keep them from using makeup.  /shrug

  3. Oh, look. Zombies. How exciting.

  4. BenjaminBrown says:

    Um, for a zombie series there weren’t many zombies that I saw clearly. 

  5. Albie Farinas says:

    I for one, am so sick and tired of all this stereotyping of “zombies”….  They are just like  “vampires” and “werewolves”, they just want to fall in love, get married and live the “American Dream”…..  All they want is a better tomorrow and when they sit around their “kitchen table”, they are just as concerned about the future as you and me…. 

  6. joe white says:

    The woman should not be wearing makeup, or at least, it should not be perfect, also, hair should be dirty. Furthermore, crossbows do not have recoil.

  7. el_rey_misterioso says:

     This just looks like a movie about the part of New Jersey where I grew up…

  8. snakedart says:

    Suffers badly from Overly Attractive Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Syndrome.
    Also: I saw plenty of guys in black rags and goggles, but no zombies.

  9. Adam Byers says:

    That crossbow sure has some kick.

  10. Gregory Kender says:

    This reminds me of the series I’m currently making (albiet with less support).  

    Only mine uses “found” footage and is set in the immediate aftermath of the initial out break.  Im currently in pre-production for episode 2.  

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