The Silver Cord, by Kevin Kelly and others

My friend Kevin Kelly is senior maverick at Wired, editor of Cool Tools, co-founder of Quantified Self, and author of many books. He has been working with some colleagues for the last 8 years on a graphic novel called The Silver Cord. He sent me a hard copy, and it's terrific. It's available free to read online, and you can also buy it as a full-color paperback. He has also launched a kickstarter for the sequel. He says:

NewImageI launched a Kickstarter fund today.

At the same time today I released a 210-graphic novel about angels and robots I have been working on for 8 years. You can read it for free on the web. I call it a techno-epic. Or speculative theology. It's visual, cinematic, and presents a world I promise you have not seen.

But I am also joining the Kickstarter joyride partly to explore what audience-funding, user-financed, hive-mind VC'ing is all about. I suggested four years ago that 1,000 true fans might be able to support an artist with direct, unmediated pre-funding, but I would have never predicted that tens of thousands of creators would be successful a few years later using this model.

I am convinced that crowd-sourced pre-funding is a BIG DEAL, and may prove to be a disruptive force in the networked world.

Anyway my project, The Silver Cord book, is my first try at fiction. My co-authors and I are giving away the first book, hoping that those who enjoy it will want to fund the concluding book. First part of the story is free; the ending will cost. We'll see how well that works.

The Silver Cord on Kickstarter


  1. Ok, just read the whole thing in one sitting, couldn’t stop. Its really good! Love the style too…

  2. It’s a lovely comic. No problems with the work itself.

    On the website, though, the image load times are a little ridiculous. :) While that IS incentive to read the comic in print, I can’t help but wonder if the jpgs were processed for web viewing or not, or if that’s just a symptom of high traffic.

    1. I suspect it was slow to load because Boing Boing linked to it. I got to page 102 before it went from slow to completely dead.

      Right up until then it was fantastic though. Even if I can’t donate to the kickstarter (oh how I wish for an endless bucket of money!), I’d like to get this and the second one in print when it comes out. 

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