The Silver Cord, by Kevin Kelly and others


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  1. robertjberger says:

    Ok, just read the whole thing in one sitting, couldn’t stop. Its really good! Love the style too…

  2. It’s a lovely comic. No problems with the work itself.

    On the website, though, the image load times are a little ridiculous. :) While that IS incentive to read the comic in print, I can’t help but wonder if the jpgs were processed for web viewing or not, or if that’s just a symptom of high traffic.

    • Little Mouse says:

      I suspect it was slow to load because Boing Boing linked to it. I got to page 102 before it went from slow to completely dead.

      Right up until then it was fantastic though. Even if I can’t donate to the kickstarter (oh how I wish for an endless bucket of money!), I’d like to get this and the second one in print when it comes out. 

  3. Adam Fields says:

    It appears that the site is being crushed by the traffic.

    Also, the running commentary along the bottom is fairly insufferable.

  4. Gavin Berry says:

    And now the site is down, too much love from BoinBoing I think.

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