Visualizing pizza company's network: from the farm to local deliveries

This clip from the PBS (UK) program "America Revealed" visualizes the Domino's Pizza supply chain starting at the level of local deliveries.


        1. Considering the number of tourists and business travelers, it’s quite possible that the local don’t frequent them.

      1. I like how you can custom build your pie online. Regular crust, BBQ sauce, chicken, cheddar, hot peppers, black olives, onions. Trust me.

    1. That would make an excellent remix and/or SNL short.  Showing that aspect of it with fancy graphics.

      Maybe once pot becomes legal, they can show that without the issue of leading cops to the dealers/buyers.

  1. This kind of info-graphics is what computers were made for.  I loved this.  I feel like a goddam pizza logistics gawd.  Thank goodness most TV isn’t like this or I might start watching it more often.

    1. I’d wager it’s super-stimulating for visual thinkers, I dug it too.

      Now picture it continuing the other way, with little tan lines tracing their way through Manhattan’s sewer system.

  2. Dom…dom…dom… dominos… dominos… dominos-dominos-dominos… doooooommmminnnoooOOOOSSS PIZZA!

  3. “the PBS (UK) program”

    It honestly doesnt’ matter in any way, shape, or form, but I believe it’s a PBS (US) show that’s just getting a UK airing now- I’m not sure PBS UK is actually producing original content just yet.

  4. I love their pizza tracker when ordering.

    I strongly suspect that they considered adding GPS to their deliveries so you could track the delivery location as well as just the ETA; but realized that seeing your pizza traveling away from them, or stationary at someone else’s house, would be a Bad Thing from a customer satisfaction point of view. Not to mention a privacy point of view.

    Their pasta breadbowls beat their pizza, hands down.

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