Visualizing pizza company's network: from the farm to local deliveries


20 Responses to “Visualizing pizza company's network: from the farm to local deliveries”

  1. Jesseham says:

    Very interesting, but totally flawed from the git-go.  They call it “pizza.”

  2. jimh says:

    Wow, I’m living in a bubble obviously. I didn’t realize Domino’s was still a thing.

  3. kP says:

    Does the supply chain include the herb that flows through the minds of the cooks?

  4. sarahnocal says:

    I am pretty sure pizza dough doesn’t come from a farm.

  5. Cowicide says:

    This kind of info-graphics is what computers were made for.  I loved this.  I feel like a goddam pizza logistics gawd.  Thank goodness most TV isn’t like this or I might start watching it more often.

    • Mantissa128 says:

      I’d wager it’s super-stimulating for visual thinkers, I dug it too.

      Now picture it continuing the other way, with little tan lines tracing their way through Manhattan’s sewer system.

  6. Culturedropout says:

    Dom…dom…dom… dominos… dominos… dominos-dominos-dominos… doooooommmminnnoooOOOOSSS PIZZA!

  7. beemoh says:

    “the PBS (UK) program”

    It honestly doesnt’ matter in any way, shape, or form, but I believe it’s a PBS (US) show that’s just getting a UK airing now- I’m not sure PBS UK is actually producing original content just yet.

  8. DewiMorgan says:

    I love their pizza tracker when ordering.

    I strongly suspect that they considered adding GPS to their deliveries so you could track the delivery location as well as just the ETA; but realized that seeing your pizza traveling away from them, or stationary at someone else’s house, would be a Bad Thing from a customer satisfaction point of view. Not to mention a privacy point of view.

    Their pasta breadbowls beat their pizza, hands down.

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