Japan-based beatboxer Hikakin meets US-based freestyle dancer Nonstop (video)

The folks at MYISH put together two beautiful talents in the video above: Hikakin, a beatboxer based in Japan, and Marquese Scott a.k.a. Nonstop, a US dancer from Georgia who achieved viral fame in this 2011 video. They're both absolutely amazing, and together, man: what a beautiful collaboration. You'll be able to watch this in-flight on the Boing Boing Virgin America television channel, along with other great Japan beatboxing videos from MYISH.


  1. Really amazing talents…the only unfortunate thing is I missed half of what the dancer was doing because I’m apparently compelled to watch Hikakin.

  2. Awesome! Also, click on the Bailee Moore vid at the end of this one… you WON’T be disappointed…

  3. Awesome.

    I guess dubstep just makes nonstop shine more than beatbox.  
    Hikakin’s  “sank you very much” at the end made me laugh out loud. Dude can make an absurd number of sounds so I’m completely caught off  guard when he can’t do ‘th’.

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