Teaser video for Jake Shimabukuro's new ukulele album


7 Responses to “Teaser video for Jake Shimabukuro's new ukulele album”

  1. i_am_at_work says:

    Thanks for posting this Mark! I hadn’t heard about Jakes new album.

  2.  Thanks a lot for an informative and useful article.

  3. i_am_at_work says:

    Just checked his site & I might be seeing him live on Sunday!

  4. Jason Garland says:

    I saw Jake today. He signed my Ukulele! :)

  5. charlie says:

    it’s like the crocs of music

  6. Mark Harris says:

    And yes, that is Alan Parsons (Dark Side of the Moon, Alan Parsons Project) that is producing the album!

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