The real musicians behind the Animal Crossing theme performed it in a virtual concert

Tom Nook himself made a special announcement on Twitter Friday. The real-life musicians who play the in-game theme music for Animal Crossings: New Horizons had come together for a virtual performance of it!

Best comment: "What do you mean 'The musicians behind the main theme', where is that dog with the guitar?"

My reaction to the concert?

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Listen to Tiny Tim's unreleased cover of "House of the Rising Sun"

In 1994, pop artist, songwriter, and filmmaker Martin Sharp produced a covers album for legendary singer/ukulele maestro Tiny Tim. The album, "Tiny Tim's Pop Album," was never officially released but it's really quite something. Below, from those recording sessions, is Tim's take on the traditional folk tune "The House of the Rising Sun."

"Tim's appropriation of song is very much like my appropriation of images," Sharp said. "We are both collagists taking the elements of different epochs and mixing them to discover new relationships."

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Watch this robotic ukulele player pluck out some lovely tunes

UkuRobot is a programmable ukulele player. Here, it plays the haunting theme from Requiem for a Dream, since used in a kajillion movie trailers. In the video below, there's a second shot of its mechanisms. Read the rest

Black Sabbath For Ukulele

The music book we've all been waiting for: Black Sabbath For Ukulele

Youtuber seesocovers is pretty amazing!

Black Sabbath For Ukulele via Amazon

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12-year-old ukulele player wows judges on America's Got Talent

Grace VanderWaal, age 12, got a standing ovation for her ukulele performance of her original song on America's Got Talent. Read the rest

How to build a travel ukulele from scratch

Dremel commissioned Mark to make something interesting that used their tools and document the process online. So he made this cool soprano ukulele that has a full-size body but is much shorter than typical ukes because he used zither tuning pegs. He posted the full build notes on Medium.

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Digital guitar tuner for $(removed) with free shipping

I don't know how long this deal will last but $(removed) for a digital guitar/ukulele/violin/bass tuner (on Amazon) is a great deal. I already have one but I just bought a couple more to give away. Read the rest

Hand-made, hand-painted ukulele

"Twitch" is the third ukulele in the Tickler series made by Amy Crehore (instrument designer, painter, illustrator) and Lou Reimuller (luthier, sculptor, musician, and creator of the Teenar). Read the rest

"Tonight You Belong to Me": World's Greatest Version

Gary Peare of Ukulelia says, "Let's start the new year right. And by 'right,' I mean with the world's greatest rendition of 'Tonight You Belong to Me.' Courtesy of Benjamin J. Ames and his four-year-old daughter." Read the rest

Maiah Wynne plays "The Things I Keep (Ballad for Augustus)" on ukulele

Maiah Wynne performs a marvelous song that she and Troy Dunn wrote about Augustus Gladstone, the subject of Boing Boing's movie, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone. The film is now for sale as a DRM-free download for US$5.59! Read the rest

The Official Sophie Madeleine Ukulele Tab Book

Sophie Madeleine says:

"I'm very pleased to announce that you can now pre-order my Official Limited Edition Ukulele Tab Book. This is the first edition, limited to only 200 copies. Each one is numbered and signed by Sophie.

The front of the book is full tablature, chord boxes, lyrics, and melody notation. Then turn the book over and upside-down and there's a "Quick Chord Book" in the back - with lyrics and chord boxes for those who want a quick reference sheet. Take A Look!

Featuring 10 songs from Sophie's first two albums (all of the songs that feature the ukulele!)

I wrote it all by myself, and it took me a very long time indeed. I sincerely hope you like it!

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How to make a cake pan banjo ukulele

One of my favorite recent projects in MAKE is Chester Winowiecki's complete instructions for making an inexpensive "panjolele." It's a cake pan banjo ukulele and it sounds great. I just wish I could play and sing as well as Chester.

Below: everything you need to make a panjolele.

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Victoria Jackson plays “There’s a Communist Living in the White House!” on her ukulele

[Video Link] Here's Victoria Jackson playing “There’s a Communist Living in the White House!” on her gorgeous Martin baritone ukulele.

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Saveincubus plays "(Nothing But) Flowers" on ukulele

[Video Link] Here's Saveincubus playing the Talking Heads' "(Nothing But) Flowers" on ukulele. Read the rest

Teaser video for Jake Shimabukuro's new ukulele album

[Video Link] I'm happy to learn that Jake Shimabukuro has a new oo-koo-lay-lay album coming out this fall.

Jake Shimabukuro plays "Don't Stop Believin'" for Boing Boing Jake Shimabukuro: which song should he play on ukulele for Boing Boing? Jake Shimabukuro at TED2010 Ukulele version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Read the rest

Lisa Hannigan performs "Knots" on the ukulele

[Video Link] Lisa Hannigan performs "Knots" on the ukulele. (Thanks, @funnelbc!) Read the rest