Inside Blackpool's beloved Uke Hunt

Every year, on the windswept shores of Blackpool, England, a unique event takes place — the annual "Uke Hunt." It's a tradition as old as the iconic Blackpool Tower, where the entire town turns out in search of a hidden treasure — a coveted ukulele. But this is no ordinary ukulele. It's a Strong Wind 21" Soprano Basswood Ukulele, a prize that would make any music enthusiast's heart sing.

The Strong Wind Soprano is a gem among ukuleles, prized for its premium basswood body that resonates with a clear, crisp, and melodious sound. Its high gloss finish is as smooth as the pebbles on Blackpool's beach, reflecting the joy of the finder's face when discovered. The fretwires are kind to fingers, spread across a hardwood fingerboard that houses 12 frets, each producing a unique tone.

What makes this ukulele even more special is its accessibility. It's a perfect instrument for beginners, with soft nylon strings that are kind on the fingertips and only four strings to learn. Yet, its advanced and sturdy strings still allow for a full-bodied sound when the chords of traditional songs are strummed.

As the sun rises on the day of the Uke Hunt, the town of Blackpool buzzes with anticipation. The hunt is open to all, young and old, experienced musicians and hopeful beginners. They scour the town, from the Pleasure Beach to Stanley Park, seeking out this year's hiding spot.

The Uke Hunt is not just about the thrill of the chase; it's also about bringing the community together. Friends, families, and even visitors from outside of town come together, their excitement palpable as the hunt begins. After a stomach-bursting feast of whelks, cockles and winkles, everyone meets at North Pier and begins repeatedly chants "Uke Hunt!" The air is filled with camaraderie, and the faint sound of ukuleles being strummed as hunters practice for when they nab the prize.

The hunt culminates with the triumphant finder strumming the first chords on the Strong Wind Uke, the melodious sound ringing out across the excited crowd. The winner's face is alight with joy, not just because they now own this beautiful instrument, but because they've become a part of Blackpool's cherished tradition.

The Uke Hunt is a reminder of the joy of music, the thrill of adventure, and the warmth of community. The Strong Wind 21" Soprano Basswood Ukulele is more than just the prize; it's a symbol of a beloved annual event that brings joy to a town and helps create musical memories that will last a lifetime.

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