First episode of crowdfunded post-apocalyptic web series: The Silent City


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  1. Bokonon says:

    Dig It

  2. Do things like this have any substance at all or are they just a collection of hipster tropes?

  3. MrScience says:

    Playing the Day-Z mod (I bought ArmA II just for the mod) has revealed to me how unprepared many of us are. I highly recommend playing (crazy-fast zombies when they spot you, and ruthless people in the towns… you stay away from bigger cities that attrack both, yet you need the supplies that can be found there), it’s like you’re in the film. And currently, you don’t spawn with any weapons (!). Oh, repairable vehicles (if you can find the parts), no minimap until you find an in-game map, local-only chat/voice chat, if you can find a tent you can ‘save’ your stuff in that spot on that server (must use barbed wire to prevent people from getting in), persistable characters across servers, permadeath, and on and on and on.

  4. rocobo9 says:

    is anyone else getting thoroughly bored with zombies? i can’t even bring myself to click the play button on the video…

    • Drabula says:

      Yeah, I am. Of course I was on LSD when I saw the original Dawn of the Dead premiere so it was bound to be downhill from there. But, yeah, the mainstreaming of zombies has made them about as frightening as the Brady Bunch. But, no zombies in this particular episode. Maybe it’s just post-apocalyptic, which in itself is a pretty tired and lazy-prone genre.

    • stovedoor says:

       It’s worth pointing out that this trailer contains no zombies. The apocalypse that occurred is so far unspecified.

    • rocobo9 says:

      my mistake. i assumed based on the link: Trailer for crowd funded zombie web series

      is anyone else getting thoroughly bored with post-apocalyptic? i can’t even bring myself to click the play button on the video…

  5. Jason Rihel says:

    When you only have a few minutes of webisode, the storytelling needs to be 1000X punchier than this.

  6. wizardru says:

    I’m not sure where BoingBoing is getting the zombie angle from, as I don’t see any reference to zombies anywhere on their site, just post-apocalypse.  The trailer and the first episode are zombie-free…but the trailer does show what look like morlock-type underdwellers who seem to fear a flare, which are probably why the survivor hides during the night.

    The conceit of the series, which is pretty cool, is that they’re filming in NYC in abandoned locations, inspired by seeing the city feel deserted during a hurricane in 2011.  It definitely has a ‘I am Legend’ feel to it. 

  7. DewiMorgan says:

    So that one-frame still about “the W/Height is over http:// … 7 dot 9 com” – it’s apparently some kinda puzzle, but what?

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