3D printing blood vessel networks


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  1. eagleapex says:

    I was thanked in the paper and put this story in the submitterator, but it seems to be a very broken system :(

  2. bcsizemo says:

    Just imagine one day when soda is fortified with nanites that repair your cardiovascular system…  Just the thing for all those over worked stressed out temp employees.

    • Melissa Pieper says:

       You really think they’d put body repair robots into something as unhealthy as soda?

      • Or in something that cheap?

        Profit, profit, profit.
        When “financiers” get a hold on such technology it will instantly become much more difficult to reproduce and its availability very limited. You know, offer/demand and what not.

  3. RJ says:

    This is wonderful. We’re that much closer to being able to fabricate replacement organs.

  4. swishercutter says:

     Way to go Jordan Miller (aka Jmil in the #reprap IRC).  It is great to see something with so much potential come from such an inexpensive printer.  Especially since it is a modified frostruder he is using.

  5. Jordan Miller says:

    Awesome, thanks all! We are super excited about this project and pursuing the future of regenerative medicine.

  6. Anna Gray says:

    This is great news! At last production of artificial organs and tissues will be possible on large scale. I’ve always said 3D printing was the future of biotechnology! :)  

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