ACTA IS DEAD (ish) (for now)


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  1. Raum187 says:

    I’m horribly shamed by NZs part in this – although not surprised given our Government’s willingness to bend over for America (Kim dotcom for example, although our courts are doing their best to remove the rather unusual political involvment from this case).

    We need to continue to shine a light on the 39 members who voted in favour of this and ask their motives/rational etc. A ‘please explain’. 

    • atimoshenko says:

      I see where you’re coming from, but unanimous votes are usually a sign of something broken somewhere in the democratic process. You get unanimous voting in China and in the Senate for the Patriot Act.

      Take note of who supported ACTA and make sure you do not vote for them, but subjecting an unsuccessfully dissenting minority to punitive scrutiny just because they voted in a way we do not like goes somewhere I would rather not go.

  2. Dimmer says:

    A very slight, small Huzzah!

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