Cartoon of YouTube commenters

Funny videos by Jonathan "Chunkus O'Suck" Gran


    1. Totally, how is this video not polluted with ignorant bigots? I consider YouTube comments to be the benchmark for the worst of humanity, that and the daily mail comments.

    1. Damn you brainflakes.  That’s me wasting this evening on Adam Buxton videos on youtube now! 

    2. I thought it couldn’t possibly be very funny when I started watching, but was pleasantly surprised – it’s hilarious – thanks :)

  1. Amusing. I was hoping that there’d be more “How is babby formed” videos by now, Goddamn Particle knows there’s enough source material.

    1. Ohmyfuckinggoddearlord…..Thank you!!!! And I thought my favorite Animaniacs was when  Abraham Lincoln, trying out lines for the Gettysburg address, tossed out “I am a jelly donut”….

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