Procedurally-generated British countryside


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  1. RadioSilence says:

    Aw, I read it as ‘Sir, you are being haunted’.
    That would be a much better game :(

  2. Arnulf Günther says:

    Otherland by Tad Williams had this nightmarish part where a British soldier is trapped in an endless simulation of trench warfare of WW1.

    Guess we’re not far off.

  3. OgilvyTheAstronomer says:

    “Everything is better with Voronoi” sounds like a vintage liquor ad.

    Regarding the game, if it has a proper single-player mode I’m completely sold.

  4. Beanolini says:

    perhaps the remnants of a flooded future Britain

    Hmmm…. is ‘Riddley Walker- the game’ next?

  5. elliott mariess says:

    i just came back from filming a folk festival in Sark. it’s a very beautiful place.

  6. Rob: Swath, not swathe, is the word you actually want. 

  7. Fighta Pilot says:

    English fields are generally rectangular – I’ve not seen many (ie, any!) hexagonal fields!! 

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