Choreography for Plastic Army Men


14 Responses to “Choreography for Plastic Army Men”

  1. mappo says:

    Even plastic army men are better dancers than me.

  2. SpongeBorg says:

    Gotta make one correction, I was a writer on SpongeBob (about a million years ago) not an animator.

  3. donovan acree says:

    That was brilliant! I loved the music but the plastic army men choreography was priceless.

  4. Robert says:

    Awesome animation. That made me want to get up and groove.

    Can you do an homage to James Bond movie title intros with army men?

  5. Gary61 says:

    they must DANCE!

  6. Antinous / Moderator says:

    At first, I was expecting Yma Sumac to burst into song.

  7. noah django says:

    this is just…

  8. Andrew Kane says:

    This would have made the best Sifl ‘n’ Olly segment ever.

    Also, I had never heard of Pink Martini before. I think I’m in love.

  9. catgrin says:

    My dad used to paint military miniatures with SCAHMS. He would have LOVED this! 

    Me? I’m just an animation freak. This felt like I was watching something from an early SNL, and I was happy to do so. Sweet music choice, too! For people who enjoyed the music, you might want to hop over to SomaFM and check out their Secret Agent or Illinois Street Lounge channels. You’ll find plenty to get hooked on there :)

  10. Aaron Swain says:

    That was sublime.

  11. paulio says:

    Definitely one of the strangest forms of genius I have seen. Excellent.

  12. michaelannb says:

    I have been in a bad mood all day and now my eyes are all crinkly from smiling and I feel ten pound lighter.

  13. skyhawk1 says:

    I am officially a Pink Martini fan.

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