Stop motion music video uses hundreds of strangers holding up a tablet on the streets of Sydney


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  1. akbar56 says:

    Nicely done, but I wonder if I am the only one who watched more of the cute girls holding the tablet than I did the actual video.

    • Gimlet_eye says:

      So you noticed that all those “various strangers” were pretty girls, too? And that the “tablet” was an iPad? As if it would somehow be better not to mention those specifics.

      • teapot says:

        “Strangers” and “girls” are not mutually exclusive groups. An ipad is a tablet.

        Do you have any further questions?

        • Gimlet_eye says:

          Then I suppose “an object held by various mammals” would also work, since “strangers” and “mammals” aren’t mutually exclusive groups, and iPads are objects.

          The technical correctness was not my point, which was the somewhat awkward and obvious generalities. To be fair, though, some months back there was a BB post with a caption mentioning the “Asian woman” in the clip that produced some rather overheated comments about “racism” and “sexism,” so maybe vagueness is an effort to avoid such kerfuffles.

      • penguinchris says:

        There were actually several guys as well, unless young girls in Australia sometimes grow ratty facial hair.

    • I’d love to see output from an eye-tracker to my reaction to the video; it felt like my focus kept jumping all over the pace.

    • Boundegar says:

       There was a tablet?

  2. benenglish says:

    I like this a great deal.  Kudos.

    It makes me sad and gives me hope at the same time.  35-40 years ago, when photography was expensive, I could take my Nikon F out on the street and meet girls, easy as pie.  I’m sad that those days are gone for me; now I’d just be “the old perv”.  I’m hopeful, though, to see that there are some young men still using that old shtick to meet young women, even though photography is now digital, cheap, and ubiquitous.  Good on you, guys.

    • blueelm says:

      I just wish for a day when I can walk around my neighborhood with my Nikon and not get mistaken for a hooker because “hey, who else walks around on the street while being female?”

  3. moop2000 says:

    Yes, and by “various strangers”, you really mean lots of cute, young girls :p I think I saw a guy in the group, but I can’t be sure!

  4. Pope Ratzo says:

    I guess there are no black girls in Abe and Tell’s “Brighter Day”. 

    They’re an Australian band, right?  I guess it’s possible that there are no black women in Sydney.  Or maybe Abe and Tell just don’t see them.

    • chgoliz says:

      Or women over 24.

      There was one guy, so I guess that means it’s not sexist or anything.

    •  I found one right after 1:22. Sure are a lot of pale skins tho.

    • intererro says:

       I thought (as a Sydneysider) that it was a fairly accurate representation of inner Sydney. Predominantly white, a fair showing of asian, and some middle eastern. Maybe one or two people of African descent.

      There’s not a big black population here, our history is different to the USA. And the areas with a high-density of immigrants tend to be the western suburbs, not the built-up urban areas.

      • teapot says:

        U mean other countries don’t have the same racial breakdown as Amerika!?

        /Sydneysider snark

      • Pope Ratzo says:

        No black population in Sydney?  Why is that?  Where are all the indigenous Australians?  I think they’re called “aboriginals”.  Don’t they qualify?  To them, YOU are the “immigrants”.

        Hey, I’ve got nothing against a couple of young would-be pop musicians coming up with a clever way to meet cute girls, but “This Man’s Brighter Days” can be taken two ways. 

  5. franko says:

    don’t they have any men in sydney??

  6. freshyill says:

    iPad. The word is iPad. Tablet is some generic thing that’s not an iPad. Why is Cory afraid to say iPad?

    • Because the application doesn’t require an apple tablet?

    • Gimlet_eye says:

      Haven’t you heard that closed source is TEH EBIL?

    • teapot says:

      Because he’s not a shill for anyone?

      If your friend asks what you want to drink do you say the alcohol type, or the brand? If it’s the brand you either:
      a) Have picky tastes
      b) Love being a marketer’s biatch

      • freshyill says:

        That’s to say that every bottom-shelf swill as the same as a liquor of quality. Banker’s Club vodka is not the same as Tito’s. Sure, they both fit the definition of vodka, but if I can choose, I’m picking Tito’s. What the hell is wrong with having picky tastes?

        So if I prefer a brand that means I’m a slave to marketing? Bullshit. I know this will sound crazy, but some people can recognize quality.

  7. BongBong says:

    Like the band “OK Go”, the concept of the video is far more interesting than the appeal of the music and in this case, both music and video are marginal.

  8. crackerzack says:

    that was an amazing 3 minutes of cute girls smiling at me – its going on my list of videos to make me feel better when i am down.

  9. devinbarry says:

    I think every music video should end with people cheering for you because, hey, you did it.

  10. aminev says:

    Unfortunately the execution of this video comes through as creepy….

  11. Gavin Smith says:

    this man is a dique-hed.

  12. AllyPally says:

    Clever way to rescue a not-very-good video. I like the apparently recursive bit near the end.

  13. Jesse says:

    Girls in Sydney like to stick out their tongues.

  14. zoestercoaster says:

    Racist hipster headdress. I’m out.

  15. GenErik says:

    Love the way you go out of your way to mention the i-word. There is no tablet market, only an iPad market.

  16. dragonfrog says:

    In somewhat the same vein, this video by my friend’s band…

  17. cakey pig says:

    I love posh white girls

  18. John Carter says:

    The band I Am Giant did something very similar at the last Auckland Big Day Out earlier this year – in their case they used printouts for the frames rather than a tablet and I think they got a nicer effect:!

    (and they didn’t just shoot pretty girls ;)

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