Someone is 3-D printing tiny shiny unicorns and leaving the delightful creatures all over Providence, Rhode Island

I was delighted to hear about this new art project happening in Providence, Rhode Island, where a mystery person or persons have been 3-D printing tiny, shiny unicorns and leaving them all over the city. So far, nobody knows who's behind the unicorns, but folks in Providence are having a great time finding them in random spots, and sharing their finds with friends. Providence Journal explains:

Locals have spotted the mythic beasts perched in window sills, sitting on steps and laying in plain sight on streets.

They elicit amusement from their claimants, who stash them away and carry them home. One took hers to drinks at a local bar.

Their less than two-inch stature makes them easy to miss. But their neon hues and satin-like sheen catch the eye of the hunter, who might almost walk by before realizing they've stumbled upon a treasure.

Some folks are speculating that perhaps students at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) are behind the unicorn project, but nobody knows for sure, and nobody has yet come forward to confess.

I've written in the past about how exciting it is to find a little unexpected art while going about your daily routine. I'm super happy someone is spreading a little joy right now throughout Providence. This weary world could sure use more.

If you're in Providence, let me know if you've found any unicorns! Read more about the unicorn project here.