Ambient music mix: Mixmaster Morris vs. DF Tram


My favorite DJ, Dylan Yanekz (AKA DF Tram), whose audio journeys move through electronica, avant-garde classical, free jazz, and myriad other genres, recently collaborated with pioneering ambient DJ Mixmaster Morris on a DJ set for the aHulaBula Sound System in London. This is the record of that time.


  1. neither chrome or firefox is allowing me to see the player or feed or whatever, I have all scripts allowed, java, etc. I would really like to listen to this. Maybe someone could give me a direct link or a clue on how I get the player to show up ? Thanks for the kindness :)

  2. From here on, I think it’s going to be sad and lonely to read the dozen or so tabs I open each night in BB without an accompanying chillmix like this.

    Maybe a little less wordjazz though. It’s distracting and competes with what I’m trying to read and comprehend. (Inversely, more Radiohead and Satie’esque piano musings most welcome!)

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