Crustacean species is newly named after Bob Marley


8 Responses to “Crustacean species is newly named after Bob Marley”

  1. eselqueso says:

    if it’s not red, yellow, green and black, what’s the point? maybe it’s smokeable?

  2. robuluz says:

    “In Marley’s case, it’s a small parasitic crustacean blood feeder that infests fish in Caribbean coral reefs”

    Lee Scratch Perry will love that.

  3. sean says:

    It should have been named after some record company executive instead. Maybe the douche that discovered Mariah Carey.

  4. chgoliz says:

    I swear I read “Gnarly marleyi” at first.  Which is a weird juxtaposition, but kinda works.

  5. dioptase says:

    I think Bob would dispute accounts of his death:

  6. GawainLavers says:

    Still unclear on why ASU has a Marine Biology program, but at least it’s in the news for something other than masturbating Presidents…

  7. ehdubkay says:

    “…the babylon system is a vampire…sucking the blood of the sufferer…”

  8. Huh, aren’t Rastafarians supposed to be vegetarian?

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