HOWTO make cheap Louboutin knockoffs

British women are painting their shoe soles bright red to replicate that expensive Louboutin look. For your own Beckhampunk effort, use Duracoat 'Flame' or 'Show Stopper' and a size 4 brush. [Telegraph]


  1. warning!  link to Murdoch owned site.  information contained may be outright fabrications or intended to manipulate…

      1. right you are… murdoch block plugin looks to be still blocking it due to confusion with Australian daily telegraph.  poorly formed regex bites again?

  2. If Louboutin was smart he’d make every year a slightly different shade of red (or hell a different color all together).

      1. He tried, but a US judge denied the trademark protection (and the official Louboutin color is Pantone-18 Chinese Red)

  3. I’ll paint the soles of my shoes any color that I think is awesome, and quite frankly don’t give a hoot about some fancy-pants L* or whoever I’ve never heard of.

    DIY fashion for the entire win, though. If you didn’t make or modify it yourself, it’s not yours.

  4. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was rich enough to buy these shoes. More chance to get mugged I would think.

    1. Agreed with the general sentiment but I actually like the look. Sometimes the association with a big name in fashion ruins things for people who don’t want to be associated with big names in fashion :( 

      I mean I’m male and wouldn’t be wearing high heels anyway (most of the time), but that’s beside the point ;)

      I’m pretty sure I could get away with painting the soles of my shoes without anyone making the connection, and I guess I wouldn’t choose red anyway.

      In menswear, brightly colored rubber soles on otherwise dressy shoes have been a thing for a few years now. But honestly I like the look of the Louboutin high heels a lot better (I’d never seen or heard of them before now though).

  5. Good thing Louboutin isn’t following the pattern of the DRM world and lobbying for regulations to force the paint manufacturers to make red paint unable to adhere to the bottoms of ladies’ shoes.

  6. It’s like the old story about women who couldn’t get nylon stockings during WWII, so they would draw a line down their leg with an eyebrow pencil.

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