Preview of Devo documentary


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  1. Wisconsin Platt says:

    wear gaudy colors or avoid display
    lay a million eggs or give birth to one
    the fittest shall survive yet the unfit may live
    be like your ancestors or be different
    we must repeat!

  2. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    Listened to this today in the car…!
    “The smart patrol, nowhere to go Suburban robots that monitor reality Common stock, we work around the clock We shove the poles in the holes “

  3. Boundegar says:

    I loved them so hard when I was 14.  But I have to say, the 5-minute version was enough documentary for me.

  4. KevinVanCamper says:

    I’m pretty sure Jeff Winner is the guy who does the Raymond Scott projects. This is a good sign.

  5. dbg7 says:

    I am a huge fan of Devo.. have all their albums on vinyl, and an energy dome (the red hat) on my bookshelf. but I’m not backing this. I’m sick of seeing kickstarters that (over) price their rewards as if they were public radio — kickstarter is not and should not be treated as if it’s charity. Give me something for what it’s actually worth and you will get -more- backers

    • happenedtobehere says:

       Agree. $100 for a DVD is way over-priced. There’s far more interesting projects with better rewards on Kickstarter.

  6. Thorzdad says:

     Very cool. I suddenly have an urge to dust off my VHS copy of The Men Who Made the Music and have good watch. If only I still had a VCR…

  7. Carpeteria says:

    Thanks so much for this info, Mark; I’m not sure how this got under my radar, but I’m happily backing this one now. 

    I know he’s not in the band any longer, but I really do hope that Alan Myers is considered as a contributor to this documentary, as he was the drummer for the “main” years of the band, and certainly played a large role in creating that sound. It would be nice to hear his side, especially considering the reasons he left the band.

  8. LogrusZed says:

    This thought occurred to me because my partner is from a generation after my own: I believe Mark Mothersbaugh, and DEVO by extension, is more well known because of Rugrats than songs like Whip It or Jocko Homo.

  9. Mark, I’m currently doing an IndieGogo to raise money for a social media/online advertising campaign aimed at having BoingBoing promote my future Kickstarter. It will involve Facebook and Federated media ads you can’t avoid, celebrity endorsements, and whispered requests from folks wanting an autograph at MakerFaires. Stay tuned!

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