Whale shark eats all the fishes

Clever whale sharks have figured out that fishing nets contain a lot of tasty fish. More importantly, they've figured out that they can suck those fish out of the net through holes in the net material.

The downside: When the sharks swim into fishing areas, looking for nets to suck, they can end up caught in the nets themselves. Conservation International took this video, showing why the sharks are hanging out around nets to begin with, as part of a series of videos documenting new net designs that can keep the fishies in and the whale sharks out.

Check out the rest of the video series

Via Charles Q. Choi


    1. Les poisson, les poisson,
      How I love les poisson!
      Love to chop and to serve little fish
      First I cut off their heads, then I pull out their bones
      Ah mes oui, savez toujours delice!

  1. New at Long John Silver’s, its the Funnel-o-Fish!!!!!!   

    Hurry in while supplies last!!!!!!!

  2.  I like the scavenger fish that have figured out how and when to avoid the giant sucking hole.

  3. I don’t think they’re sucking the fish out through holes in the net material. They’re making the holes. If the holes were already present, the fish would have escaped. They wouldn’t be in the net.

  4. There’s something Miyazaki’ish about this.

    Giant fish spirit frees trapped fishlings. Ambiguously.

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