Commercial spamflooding used by crooks to tie up their victims at key moments


6 Responses to “Commercial spamflooding used by crooks to tie up their victims at key moments”

  1.  Boing Boing is one post away from a Krebs trifecta today!

    May I suggest something Pete & Pete related?

  2. ablebody says:

    krebs walks into a seedy bar, and the bartender says “what’ll ya have?” krebs orders a full bottle of mezcal tequila, opens it, and pours the contents on the floor. the dumbfounded barkeep has to know why he did it, and krebs replies “just here to remove a worm.”

  3. Rhyolite says:

    Hmmm…doesn’t Marcus do something like this to another classmate early in Little Brother creating a diversion so he and his friends sneak out of class?

  4. Crashproof says:

    This sounds very Shadowrun.  Tie up the corporate network to cause a distraction while your team sneaks in to kidnap/rescue/recruit a talented employee who’s been working on a brilliant unauthorized side project.   Plus orks.

  5. Andy Hunt says:

    What happened to the good ol’ days, when all a fella had to do was download a copy of Unabomber off a super shady warez site???

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