Pro-wrestler boycotts WWE over SOPA support

Sean Morley, AKA Val Venis, a professional wrestler, has informed a fan via Twitter that "#WWE‬ asked me to appear but I just cannot do anything with them for as long as they continue their support of ‪#SOAP‬/#CISPA"

Kick ass, dude. From Techdirt:

While the WWE was never listed on the official Judiciary Committee list of supporters, the organization made many community sourced lists as a supporter of SOPA. Regardless of when and how the WWE came to be supportive of the unpopular bills, this shows that there is a long lasting bitter aftertaste left in the mouths of those who feel betrayed by organizations that supported SOPA and CISPA.

WWE Raw SuperShow One Wrestler Short Due To SOPA Support


  1. He’ll have to come back when the WWE introduces a team of suit-wearing wrestlers who claim to be lobbying for SOPA/CISPA.

  2. The best part about this is that he was in  a stable called ‘right to censor’ for a short time which had the angle of wanting to purge all the filth from the WWF (this was before they changed their name). The idea was that a small group of people self appointed themselves to enforce their own ideology onto everyone else. Not related to copywrite, but same kind of thought process that they were right and didn’t care what anyone else thought.

    1. What’s really, really funny is that before and since, his Val Venis persona is known as the world’s first professional wrestling porn star (complete with catch phrase “Hellllllloooo, Ladies,” and appropriately inappropriate bomp-chicka entrance music).

      Of course, since SOPA/PIPA would screw entertainment consumers on a previously unseen level, perhaps his Val Venis character resents the competition.

    2. Funnily enough, pro wrestlers take on fake personas as part of their act.  The more offensive, the better.

      1. funnily enough, most of us know that wrestlers aren’t the characters they portray.

        1. Funnily enough, the commenter to whom I responded doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo.

    1. Sorry dude.  While I respect what he’s doing this guy hasn’t been revelant in the wrestling world for the past 20 years, give or take.  And even then he was hardly a main event superstar.

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