Canadian Supreme Court copyright rules will eviscerate Access Canada's business model


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  1. futnuh says:

    I read the collective’s press release soon after the Supreme Court decision came out. I was surprised at how non-plussed they were about losing. I guess this was the only rationale response – pretend that their sky really wasn’t falling, and hope institutions buy the “nothing’s changed” line. My fear now however is that Harper is going to rewrite the copyright act to make the court’s decision moot.

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      Their spokes-weasels would have to be either idiotic or atypically truth-constrained to say anything else…

      If they just come out and say ‘yup, we are totally screwed’ they might as well be providing advice about what people can now get away with. By not doing so, they preserve a pall of FUD that should keep a fair number of customers without access to robust legal advice in line.

    • matlockexpressway says:

      The board will do just fine since they have most Canadian universities in their pocket.

  2. foobar says:


  3. billstewart says:

    “Access Canada”?  Or “Access Copyright”?  Looks like a headline typo.

  4. Dave Nelson says:

    Come on, people. You’ve had a good run and scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money. I suggest you admit it’s over, go to the Cayman’s or Switzerland, visit your money and enjoy the rest of your miserable lives.

  5. Colin Curry says:

     It was pretty obvious that the Supreme Court’s decisions would cripple Access Copyright. Universities (including my alma mater) have been pulling out of planned agreements with them across the country.

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