Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later shows the grown-up wizard longing for his magical wizarding days of youth

If you ever thought that the epilogue of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series left you wondering what really became of Mr. Potter & Co., Furious Molecules has a web series specifically designed to satiate your Potterhead needs! When we first meet Harry ten years later, he's got his dream job as an auror and is still married to Ginny Weasley. Two things that, had he known were in his future as a younger wizard, would make him really happy! But if there's something that was definitely left out of the books and the movies, it was the monotony of everyday life and the cold, hard reality of, well, reality. This seven-part web series starts today, and you can view the trailer on YouTube to see what else is in store.

As for you hard-core Potterheads who are keeping track of timelines and such, just watch this web series and... Obliviate!

Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later - Episode One [YouTube]


    1.  No, I thought they moved on to Phillip Pullman. Twilight is a step backward.

      I would recommend Guy Burt’s The Hole to any fan of YA literature. That will shock the hell out of any Twilight fan

  1. I guess I’m a bit mystified by why I might want to watch a web series about unhappy people who are bored with their lives.  Whether fictional or real, I prefer people who have enthusiasm for what they are doing and a sense of humor about life in general.  Who wants to spend time with this lot?

  2. Funny but the actress who played Ginny had a weak British accent. The other accents seemed pretty authentic, I’m guessing they’re all really British (aspiring actors in LA?), or at least it was good enough to fool me.

    1. Harry was briefly convincing at the start but they all slipped horribly to a native ear.  It’s mildly irritating that stereotypical “Britishness” is so essential to the characters that a half-arsed accent is deemed to be more convincing than just, you know, playing the parts.

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