Body retrieved from river was actually sex doll

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Eighteen policemen worked to retrieve a woman's body from a river China's Shandong province. Turns out, it was actually a sex doll. Apparently, Shandong is a center for sex toy manufacturing. "China cops mistake sex toy for body of a woman" (Times of India)


  1. They can’t tell the difference between a real woman and a sex doll in China?  Looks like that sex imbalance problem is worse than everyone thought.

    1. Once you get to the ‘dragging the river for a corpse’ stage, it isn’t pretty how fast one’s experience with identifying live humans becomes dubiously relevant…

      If anything, the fact that a blow-up doll still looks about as human as it ever has after some time in the drink is probably your best clue that it isn’t a real body…

  2. At this point, we can just start putting “[not The Onion]” on all news stories except those actually from the Onion, I guess.

    1. The tip off she was inflatable came when rescuers applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and she keep getting larger.

  3. I wonder if non-inflatable sex dolls are wrapped in plastic, Twin Peaks style, as part of their packaging.

  4. Ah, I remember this, after rescuing the doll the police just threw it down in the group of onlookers and drove off.  Something similar happened in Japan when the police thought they found a body and it was a sex doll that was thrown off a cliff.

    What’s sad is that not long after this particular story happened, a man in China saved a kid from a river and after saving him was swept away and left to drown by the family.  The family then later stated that it “wasn’t their problem.”

    Here’s an English link

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