Lodnon 2102 Oimplycs

The official site of the Lodnon 2102 Oimplycs features news and views from an alternate reality London Games, as well as interesting news stories, such as the fact that the wine merchant Oddbins will give a discount to people who carry and use products from the arch-rivals of the official Olympic sponsors, because " any business without the tens of millions of pounds required to join the cabal of multinational brand partners for the Games are reduced to the status of beggars on the gilded streets of the Olympic movement."

Welcome to the official Lodnon 2102 Oimplycs site.


    1. Too fast. You are required to undergo a drugs test before the award of your ribbon can be verified.

      1. All drugs need to be handed into the official Lodnon2102 office before you can partake of any Oimplycs events. Only official drugs provided by our official sponsors are allowed #lodnon2102

  1. The Lodnon Oimplycs logo looks better than the London Olympics logo. You know it’s true.

    1. Cat sick looks better than the London Olympics logo. But then, the Jubilee logo was pretty horrible, too. Have all the good designers fled the UK or are the panjandrums giving the design contracts to their relatives?

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