KFC Loves Gays, starring John Goodman as Col. Sanders (video parody)

This parody ad skewering the anti-gay in Chick-fil-A is the best thing yet to come out of the whole fast-food-chicken-meets-marriage-equality kerfuffle. "If you want the gayest chicken, you have to visit me," intones John Goodman in Colonel Sanders drag. (funny or die via Laughing Squid)


  1. That’s delightful, of course, (who can’t like John Goodman?)  …but is that actually sanctioned by KFC?  because i think i see a couple dozen trademarks there  (“you don’t understand the laws surrounding satire, do ya?”  …thought i did…hm)

    1. If KFC has brains bigger’n the chickens they serve up, they’d keep their beaks shut.  That said, watching the Colonel pull a Barbara might be pretty fantastic popcorn-wise.

    2. The Strawberry Shortcake fiasco (yes, it’s a fiasco and the verdict was interminably stupid- just because it sets precedent, doesn’t mean it’s right) actually applies pretty narrowly. It relies on an interpretation of intent. Who’s to say the intended target of this satire isn’t money-grubbing bearded breaded chicken slingers?

      1. Ugh, won’t let me edit, replace “satire” with “parody”. Actually scratch the whole thing- I’m thinking of something else- I just can’t remember what.

  2. I think I just got damaged…stuff is oozzing outta my ears and it ain’t the colonels gravy. It feels good though.
    You’re Right Xeni, of all the boresome crap thats flopping around over this non-issue this is the best! I wonder how long it’ll take before this chick-fil-a crap shows up as a campaign talking point? 

  3. Hey, I’m a money mouth and didn’t even know it. Think I might be gay or at the lest Bisexual.

  4. I love Goodman as a villain. Authentically creepy as all get out. Forget Barton Fink for a moment, I first realized this when he elevated the otherwise ho-hum Fallen for a few minutes during the climax.

  5. Speaking of John Goodman, I accidentally caught the very last episode of  Roseanne  and for some reason I actually watched it.  And then I regretted it.

    That entire last season does not exist.  It’s a dream in my brain.
    DAN CONNOR NEVER DIED.  Nope.  Never.  Dan Connor is still alive and happy in TV Land.

    1.  Quite. That last season was a spectacular misfire, totally trashed any kudos the series had before.

  6. I feel slightly bad about this. The now named KFC, the corporation bought out the man portrayed. Colonel Sanders, didn’t like what they’d done with the whole thing but they owned him. He moved to Canada and donated generously to Canada’s Universal Health System. As I remember he has at least one Hospital wing named after him.

  7. Thank goodness as a vegetarian I don’t have to suffer the moral dilemma of where to consume shitty processed chicken food. (the part where he candidly confesses he really doesn’t give a shit was the best bit)

  8. Not actually funny. I read something today about how it was possible for somebody to be in favour of same sex marriage and still be homophobic. This should be their example film.

  9. The gay rights movement could be sped up considerably if businesses would declare their stance on gay rights.  Whether or not they are for or against, or Whether or not businesses legitimately do support gay rights or simply want that customer base, it would force businesses to choose one side or the other.  Money talks.  

  10. “KFC Loves Gays”? “Anti-gay Chick-fil-A”? I thought corporations weren’t people? Isn’t that the opinion of most of the contributors here?

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