Pepper-spraying cop exits force

The cop who pepper-sprayed seated students at UC Davis last November is no longer employed by the force. [Sacbee via Digg]


  1. “Pike’s 2010 salary was listed as $110,243.12”

    wait… what? A campus security guard?

    1. Even more disturbing when you realize that his income was about double the starting salary of a full-time instructor at the university.

      1.  Seriously ? Maybe that is the instructors rate that is too low.
        However despicable this particular individual is, he was not a security guard but campus police and had seniority.

    2. Hey, that Peaceable Sam doesn’t spray itself, you know. Also, UC franchulates have certain standards to maintain. Also, “trickle down” something-something…

  2. Pike’s future had remained in limbo until now, and at one point he faced harassment that included… numerous items being ordered delivered to his home.

    Now he’ll have time for gardening and use for all that manure.

    1. One percenters charge for handshakes. How do you think that they got into the one percent?

  3. You have to hand i t to the UC Davis administration.  They did a masterful job of deflecting responsibility from themselves.  According UC Davis’s own report by Professor/Judge Reynoso, Pike called the UC Davis counsel before leaving to clear the the quad because the order was a university policy and not a law.  Under CA law, police can only enforce the law.  The counsel is still there. 

    1. I’ve had encounters with Davis cops and Sacramento Sheriffs and the Davis cops are way worse.

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