Off-duty Omaha cops kill two men in alleyway

26-year-old Fernando Rodriguez-Juarez and 28-year-old Jonathan Hernandez-Rosales were killed yesterday by two off-duty cops in Omaha, Nebraska, supposedly working as private security for a local business. I say "supposedly" because the department won't say who the officers are, whether they were in uniform, whether Rodriguez-Juarez and Hernandez-Rosales brandished or fired guns, what they were allegedly up to, or anything else that might throw light on the killings.

In a news release, OPD confirmed the men shot by the officers' gunfire were inside an SUV. The men were taken to Nebraska Medicine with serious, life threatening injuries where they later died. … Body-cam footage is limited because the officers were working in an off-duty capacity, said OPD. If an officer is assigned a body worn camera, then they are required to wear it even while working off duty. One of the officers was wearing their body worn camera. Omaha police are also working to get surveillance footage from nearby businesses.

When a press release prominently contains the phrase "we are committed to transparency" while not clearing anything up, well, good luck. If something exonerating turns up, we'll get it.

And look at KETV's sad, mangled "officer-involved"-style headline: