Breaking: Joss Whedon confirmed as writer/director for Avengers 2, plus a Marvel series

Just coming through the wire: Disney has announced that Joss Whedon has officially signed on to write and direct Avengers 2 for Marvel Studios. Not only that, but he has also signed on to develop a Marvel TV series for ABC. Stay tuned for more details, because this is what we Marvel geeks like to call "Holy crap, emphasis on the holy." (via Variety's Marc Graser on Twitter)


    1. See, I like the idea that he might do something that doesn’t get cancelled halfway through the first season.

      That said, he IS working on Dr. Horrible 2.

    2.  Yes.  I for one await with bated breath – I hope he doesn’t screw-up the Mrs. Peel character, like the last film.  And Steed needs to be a man of humour and charm. Sorry, Ralph Fiennes.  Reserve your woodenness for The English Patient III – or Five Weddings and Two Funerals.

  1. Mixed feelings. On the whole, television has not been a kind medium to superheroes since Adam West hung up his tights.

  2. You know what would work great (and be a perfect fit for Whedon, considering his track record) ?  A TV series centered around Black Widow.  I just don’t see Scarlett Johannson signing up for a TV series, though, and she seemed like a great Black Widow to me.

  3. Colour me every so slightly disappointed.  What I’d really, really like to see is Christopher Nolan directing a Joss Whedon script.  Then perhaps the major flaws in their respective works this year (Nolan’s complete failure to understand how to write actual characters, and Whedon’s inability to direct real action sequences) would cancel each other out and we’d get a bona fide cast-iron classic.
    (Please don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed both of their films a lot, but the flaws were bugging me more than they should have done.)

    1.  Really? I thought the action sequences were some of the best handled parts of the Avengers film.

  4. We had the first Star Trek movie was made by a director who never saw an episode.  Tim Burton’s Batman was famously done by a guy who never read comics.  Joss Whedon in charge of Avengers is orders of magnitude higher investment, orders of magnitude better attention to the writing.  Buffy and Angel demonstrate he can script and direct a largely fighting based/super based TV show.  I’m not going to respond to all the previous flamebaity comments as people are entitled to their own opinions, entirely wrong as they may be.  While you can find flaws in his work, I don’t think there’s anyone inherently more capable of doing this well. 

    1. It would be great to see Peter Jackson attached to some comic book projects, but he’s still tied up with “The Hobbit.” That said, I think Joss is a better choice for the kind of things Marvel seems to have in mind.

      Still, I can name one party who probably isn’t happy with this development.


  5. An Avengers TV show is likely doomed to fail since no network will allow the kind of budget it’ll need.   This sounds like an idea the corporate suits came up with.  Hopefully, they won’t try laying the blame on Joss when it flops.  (can you say John Carter?)

    1. Agreed.  CGI is getting cheaper, but still, people want the action and that takes money to make happen well.

    2.  Depends on the style of the show. An ‘Agents of Shield’ kind of show wouldn’t need any higher budget than NCIS or CSI or any of their imitators.

      Whedon is a past master of small budget big productions. I guarantee that he can mentally price out every line of the scripts as he writes it.

    3. It won’t be Avengers. Misney has already quashed that rumor. Odds on fav is that it will be some sort of Shield/spy-fi show.

    1.  I like the idea of a Heroes For Hire show. It could be done low budget and Marvel has all sorts of interesting street-level characters. Have some fun with Cloak and Dagger as recurring characters.

      And, hey, Marvel is set to get the Daredevil rights back in a few months…

    2. Please. Dr. Strange. I’ve been playing with that idea in my head for a while now, and he’s one of the characters that really is too complex to give the movie treatment. You need the length and episodic nature of television to really get his story right…

  6. Do movie rights = TV rights?  I was hoping that Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. could appear on the TV show.  The movie rights aren’t just for movies? I have no idea.

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