TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Tax Return Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You to See

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  1. Two things – first, can we make the Mitt who wrote this be a character in the venture brothers, maybe the accountant for the guild of calamitous intent?  Second, the ad that I see right above me is for Atlas Shrugged Part II (and it says Who is John Galt?).  That’s just too perfect for this post. 

    1. They actually made part two?  After part one bombed, the investors in the movie had a temper tantrum because the masses didn’t recognize their obvious genius and they threatened to never bless the world with part two. Guess they found Galt’s Gulch a very lonely place and no fun without servants to do all the dirty work.

      1.  Amazing, I know.  You’d figure since the “invisible hand” spoke and said yuck, they would have abandoned it.  But apparently, they just figured that the propaganda value was more important than the actually returns on their investment.  They have to show the world just how obvious their genius is… or… something.  I don’t know.   Why anyone would want to make one of her books into a movie in the first place is beyond me, actually. 

      1.  I don’t know, actually.  I didn’t watch the first one, and I don’t really have plans to watch this one.  I just noticed the ad underneath the comic and thought it was kind of funny that it showed up there… 

  2. $4 million for a volcano lair? That must be in 1968 dollars, I can’t see you getting much change out of $200 million these days. Not to mention the development work for a space capsule interceptor.

    1.  Yeah, but the government limits deductions for volcano lairs and minion expenses to just the first $4 million and $2 million respectively.

      Mitt Romney’s new tax plan would take the cap off those deductions.  That’s why Evil Scientists For Mitt Romney have endorsed him.

    2. Those are just maintenance costs.  Volcano lair maintenance is deductible, too.  If you didn’t know that, you need a new accountant!

  3. Oh, let’s not be silly. He’s just reluctant to embarrass the fine death squad folks who bankrolled 40% of Bain Capital. I’m sure I’d feel the same way.

  4. Great, but “Mitt” is not his first name.  It’s Willard and he’s even scarier than the movies of the same name.

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