$49 remote control multicopter


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  1. Sxe says:


    I will ponder its significance like a mantra as I fall asleep tonight.

    • mmrtnt says:

      I will ponder its significance like a mantra as I fall asleep tonight.

      I believe it’s an attempt “gangsta up” (see below) the product.

      “You da IRC, dawg!”

  2. R S says:

    I hope that they can refine it into a three axes version before we find signs of life on Mars.

  3. Jake0748 says:

    I want this toy SO BADLY, in spite of AND because of the prose in that ad.  

  4. primey says:

    I showed this to a friend and he said it wasn’t gangsta enough… my reply:  http://imgur.com/D0TDU

  5. Jason's Robot says:

    Are they calling this a UFO as in Unidentified Flying Object???  Because, thanks to the manufacturers description, it is literally the opposite of unidentified.

    But, then again, most uses of the term UFO are wrong and I should stop caring about it because I’ll never win.  Cool toy, though.

  6. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    It’s always surprising how chinglish descriptions can be(and frequently are) entirely comprehensible, even detailed, yet utterly non-idiomatic in practically every way possible.

    What I don’t know is whether this is a testament to just how incomplete dictionary definitions really are(leading the guy with a basic knowledge of English grammar and a dictionary to make technically-accurate-but-not-right selections for many of the words) or whether it is a testament to how robust our abilities to infer meaning from badly mangled natural language are…

    • z7q2 says:

      What amazes me is that these companies don’t just hire 1 native english speaker to polish up their presentations.

      What troubles me is that these companies may have hired just 1 native english speaker to polish up their presentations.

      • Nagurski says:

         Native English speakers want to be paid like first worlders, and precise English product descriptions don’t boost sales.  Who’s going to pick up a cool quadracopter toy and then decide against buying it  because the English is choppy?

      • penguinchris says:

        I related this story to Rob Beschizza via Twitter a few days ago. I know some people online in China, with imperfect English (they found me on Skype looking for people to practice English with, actually). One of them worked at a company for a while that sold A/V equipment on ebay worldwide.

        She needed to write an e-mail to a customer in the US. She ran it by me to make sure it was OK. It was short but had a couple of problems that required me asking her questions to ensure I knew what she was saying, so after she explained it, I rewrote the whole thing as a native speaker (such as myself) would.

        She later ran it by her boss (not admitting that someone from the US wrote it for her) and the boss didn’t like it – so the boss rewrote the whole thing himself, much worse than my friend did to begin with!

        I think in many cases they just don’t realize that what they write is so bad. They don’t hire a native speaker because it never crosses their mind that there might be a problem with what they wrote themselves.

  7. AwesomeRobot says:

    I’d love to see a video of this thing, looks like fun

  8. spejic says:

    Now I need a small, light HD camera I can glue on to this. Preferably with a similar Chinglish description.

  9. Erik Denning says:

    Yeah, ha ha. Isn’t it funny, for the zillionth time,  the way those asians poorly translate their product descriptions and directions? I wanted to know how the damn thing flew! You posted a very cool picture of it and never got around to reviewing it. 

  10. RJ says:

    The translation wouldn’t bother me if they didn’t Capitalize Every Significant Word in the Entire Blurb.

  11. I would love to see if the blades are dangerous…why you ask? I think this would be a great cat toy. I can see my cats losing their furry minds at this and chasing it. If this was pet safe, it could redefine cat toys. Hang a feather from it, or allow your cats to leap and ‘kill’ it. 

    • IndexMe says:

      Yes but without cages around the propellers your cats could lose an eye if they pounce too high so I would recommend against it. Though laser pointers are not good for eyes either..

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