A moveable mosque: One young Muslim woman's daily photoblog (video)

The "30 Mosques" guys are producing some wonderful "30 Days Ramadan" videos this year that really give you a sense of what it's like to be a Muslim person in America. I enjoyed this one, featuring a young woman named Deena who loses her job, then decides chronicle her life through a photoblog. More about the project here. Subscribe to their video channel here. Deena's photoblog is here, and full of beautiful things. (thanks, Bassam Tariq!)


  1. Hey speaking of mosques here is an indiegogo campaign to raise money for the Joplin, Missouri mosque that was burned to the ground by racist fuckheads:
    As we mourn the Oak Creek shootings let us take a moment to contribute to the victims of hate and rebuild a stronger, better American society of solidarity across religion and culture.

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