Happy Mutant Congressman has at least two Boing Boing T-shirts in his wardrobe

Jared polis
It was great to see US Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) wearing my "Critter" Boing Boing T-shirt (Cory posted the photo here as an update to his post about Rep. Polis' epic takedown of the laughably disingenuous Drug Enforcement Administrator Michele Leonhart). Now I have a photo of Rep. Polis in another Boing Boing T-shirt ("Unizilla" drawn by Adam "Ape Lad" Koford).

The photo was taken by John Maushammer when Rep. Polis came to The Boulder Hackerspace and signed up for membership. Wow -- a US Congressman who is against the War on Drugs and is also a maker -- I almost want to move back to Boulder so I could vote for him next time he's up for re-election.


  1. Jared Polis is an amazingly smart, progressive, and fact-based person. If Congress were full of people like him, we’d be much better off. He’s the type of politician that is genuinely worthy of respect.

    1.  He’s the type of politician that is genuinely worthy of respect. 

      You mean that exists for real? 

      Now, what about Unizilla?
      *exitedly holding breath*

    1. We’re not like the rest of our state, that’s for sure. Denver is increasingly sophisticated & urban (and progressive), but outside of Denver & Boulder, Colorado’s as red as its neighbors.

      But we’ll keep JP in office. We like him.

  2. I was at the hackerspace when he was there. Great surprise – both to see my congressmen in our space and to see him in a boingboing shirt! He was very friendly and chill. Some of our members who didn’t know who he was thought he was just another regular person.

    It’s incredibly cool to have a congressmen that I can respect politically, and also geek out with. Holy cow, why can’t the rest of the federal government be so awesome?

  3. OMG so excited to be on BoingBoing twice in one year! 
    John Maushammer is a way better photographer than me, too. And to think, he printed out the camera from scratch and made the memory card from leftover macaroni!

    1. Aw, thanks!  I didn’t really print out that camera from scratch, but I have reverse-engineered a series of “disposable” digital cameras to make them reusable. I bypassed the security mechanism that the company put in them (intended so that only they could retrieve your pictures, for a price of course!).  There’s a bunch of DMCA implications, so if you’re interested, I can give you an earful from a hacker perspective!


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