David Rakoff, 1964-2012


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  1. greybird says:

    oh no! What a wonderful performer he was. I loved his stories.

  2. headcode says:

    I will miss his appearances on TAL very much.  He had an entrancing voice and a fascinating way of looking at the world.

  3. Zach McDowell says:

    Just saw him on TAL Live, he delivered a beautiful essay memorializing his dancing (and other things), then danced beautifully. He will be missed my many.

  4. Margaret says:

    This is very sad.  My thoughts are with his loved ones as they grieve him.  We will all grieve this loss.  

  5. mkultra says:

    I’ll echo what others have said before me: an original voice, to be sorely missed. Thoughts to his friends and loved ones. Is there a charity he was involved with we can donate to?

  6. jimh says:

    RIP, David.
    Don’t get too comfortable. A lesson for us all.

  7. erintheadvocate says:

    what a remarkable man. 

  8. RKTR ♫soundcloud.com/rktr says:

    Heard you on NPR all the time.  Bummer, man.

  9. MrMonkey says:

    Farewell, Mr. Rakoff.  Christmas Freud was one of my favorite This American Life bits.

  10. ldobe says:

     “I walk like a runway model, but I shake hands like a lumberjack”  -Mr. David Rakoff

  11. mccrum says:

    A tragic day in my library, that’s for certain.

  12. giantasterisk says:

     Ohhh, I didn’t know he was sick. Such sad news. He was wonderful.

  13. I adored David Rakoff. His  sarcasm,  pessimism and acerbic wit spoke truth to the human experience without ever beening mean. Not to mention his beatiful voice, He will be dearly missed in my household.

  14. katkins says:

    Aw, fuck.

  15. taghag says:

    oh, that’s bad news.  i loved his appearances on TAL and wiretap.  he had a wonderful way of putting life into words. :…(

  16. benher says:

    No. ………… Rest in Peace.

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