RIP Joe Kubert, comic book artist extraordinaire


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  1. toyg says:

    A true giant, respected all over the world. Will be sorely missed.

  2. dlovely says:

    crazy, I never knew who he was but drove by his school often in Dover, NJ, small world!

  3. Mike Browne says:

    I was a huge Sgt. Rock fan when I was a wee punk. His art work was gritty and real. 

  4. Mister44 says:

    I loved Joe Kubert. His sons aren’t bad either, but he was a real master.

  5. dejoh says:

    I could always find 12 cents for a Sargent Rock comic book in my younger days.

  6. jnordb says:

    Sgt. Rock was my absolute favorite comic as a kid.  I think my younger brothers even had some Sgt. Rock action figures. R.I.P. Joe Kubert.

  7. We have lost a truly Great ‘American Artist’  
    Rest in peace, Joe Kubert

  8. Preston Sturges says:

    Those were great comics. And National Lampoon did a great tribute to him as one of their comic book inserts called “Sgt. Nick Penis and the Brass Balls Battalion” some time around ’75

  9. skyhawk1 says:

    R.I.P. Joe,  and thank you.

  10. Griffon says:

    I remember Joe selling his latest (at the time) graphic novel, “Abraham Stone: Country Mouse City Rat” during the ComiCon and offering to draw anything on the flyleaf.

    Of course I requested Sgt. Rock and watched in awe as Joe effortlessly recreated Rock before my eyes. A truly legendary artist and one hell of a nice guy.

    I will miss you Joe.

    I hope you, Frank, Dave, Jack, Will and the rest are having some kickass drawing discussions and competitions.

  11. If you’re anything more than a casual fan of American comic books, Joe Kubert is recognizable not only for his World War II-themed comic books, but the famous school he ran that produced a long line of great comic book artists. He will be missed. :’-(

  12. filebunch says:

    I was just cleaning out some boxes at the home this weekend and found my stash of Sgt Rock comics.  Great artist but his talents live on by those he inspired.

  13. Tony_Moore says:

    I have a Sgt Rock pint glass that i drink out of almost every day. Some of the first comics i owned were his, and he definitely made a big impact on me as an artist. Kubert was one of the industry’s biggest and best. We lost a real treasure, and he will be deeply missed.

  14. StAlfongzo says:

    Was a big fan of Sgt Rock growing up. Thanks Joe RIP.

  15. Adam Bucci says:

    posted a few comments on aint it cool news’ website about their lack of an obit for kubert and got this in response from their comics guy:

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