Einstein's slippers

And now here's a picture of Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers. Clearly the inspiration for the Val Kilmer slippers in Real Genius.

EINSTEIN AT HOME (via How to Be a Retronaut)

(Photo: Einstein sitting on the front steps of his home in Princeton, wearing his fuzzy slippers. Photo courtesy of Gillett Griffin.)


  1. Kudos on the Real Genius reference!

    Has anyone even watched that movie in the past 15 years? Maybe Cory has a poster of Lazlo in his home?

  2. Reminds me of something i read regarding the history of the Amiga computer.

    Apparently during the early development, one guy at Amiaga Inc. showed up for work in purple spandex tights and ping fluffy slippers. Yep, i said guy. Note tho that this was Silicon valley in  the 80s.

  3. But more importantly, that is a fantastic late Victorian porch column plinth. Its proportion and execution are fantastic.

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