Michael J. Fox is ready to come back to TV, developing a semi-autobiographical sitcom


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  1. OoerictoO says:

    while undoubtedly as nice a guy as there can be in hollytown, the article (and summary) seem to imply that because of this, and the horrible situation he’s been dealt by his illness, he deserves, nay WE REQUIRE him, to get a huge new TV deal.

    i’d have thought it was because he was reasonably funny in the past and ostensibly there is evidence he can be entertaining, edifying, educational in the future.

    that being said, i wish him all the best and am totally rooting for him.

  2. snagglepuss says:

    He was great on “Larry Sanders” last season, poking mean fun at overly-pitying and/or clueless insensitives. I wonder how much network-style dumbing down Fox will tolerate with this – Or should he just stick with HBO ?

  3. franko says:

    we could do far worse. here’s hoping to a happy continuance of a long, long career.

  4. Ramone says:

    Given the physical decline he’s endured over the years, I wonder how long he’ll hold up under a regular series’ production schedule. That’s gonna’ be tough for sure. If anyone can do it though (both resources and sheer will) it’s going to be Mikey.

    • Ryan_T_H says:

       Depends on how they structure it. It’s specifically a single camera show, which I’m sure is a deliberate choice to allow for easier working around of his availability. It lets them shoot his stuff and then finish the rest of the scene with only the other actors.

      If it ends up as more of an ensemble production, he might be able to get away with as few as two days a week on set much of the time.

  5. While I like Michael J Fox a lot, I would rather remember him as the dashing Marty McFly than some poor disease riddled guy desperately trying to cling to stardom. 

    • show me says:

      So when your mother starts getting gray hair, a wrinkled face and needs a cane to walk are you just going to lock her in a closet? Because she’s not the pretty young lady you want to remember her as?

      • Michael J Fox did not give birth to me or raise me into adulthood. Obviously I have more emotional investment with a relative than I do some guy on TV. You are comparing apples to oranges.

        • Thad Boyd says:

          Funny story, though: Michael J Fox has kids too.

          Granted, I’m pretty sure he didn’t give birth to them.  But I still suspect they’d probably rather he continue to work and enjoy life than sit in the house with the blinds drawn to make sure he doesn’t disappoint you.

    • dmc10 says:

      Strange logic. So anyone who has a disease, disorder, accident, or gods forbid — gets old, and isn’t handsome/pretty anymore should just go away and hide somewhere so you can maintain your nostalgia? Um, ok…

    • millie fink says:

      “Desperately trying to cling to stardom”? 

      That’s absurdly presumptuous. Who but MJF knows exactly what his motives are?

    • bzishi says:

      This sounds very much like a bias against the disabled. I hope I read your post wrong.

    • Dude that’s cold, and I’m sure completely unwarranted.

    • Thad Boyd says:

      I take it you’ve not seen anything he’s done recently.

      He had quite a good turn on Scrubs some years back (transforming his Parkinson’s into a character’s OCD).  And his books and talks have proven he’s still both funny and warm.

      You’d rather remember him as Marty McFly?  I think Back to the Future is great, but I’d rather remember him as Michael J Fox.  A real dude with real talent, who’s facing real problems with real grace, humor, and aplomb.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      We have a word for this kind of comment.

  6. cymk says:

    Awesome to hear he’s getting back into acting, but if his Parkinsons is in remission or if he has plateaued, where is the magic cure thats making him better? My wife and her family could use some of that miracle bottled.

  7. milkman says:

    Honestly, I have a problem with anyone believing his disease is any part of who he is as an actor or plays any role in him getting charity from networks.  He’s one of the most deserving actors I can think of to make huge bank on TV — more so than say Charlie Sheen, the Kardashians, Jersey Shore tards, any Housewife ever, or any other “me first” dipshit on TV right now.  It’s desirable to see him on TV, because he’s a good actor and easily liked.  Any movie he’s done he’s been good in it; the same for TV.  He can be funny (Family Ties, Back to the Future, Spin City, Scrubs, Rescue Me), he can be dramatic (Casualties of War, Scrubs…to some extent, etc…), so why is it he shouldn’t make a ton of money?

    • cymk says:

      How ever deserving MJF and any other actors may be, the studio heads are the ones churning out “reality TV” because its cheap to make and somebody always watches it.

  8. efergus3 says:

    He’s on a new drug that lessens the tremors and misses working, so… 

  9. dexitroboper says:

    But Michael J Fox has no Elvis in him…

  10. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Hmm.  I didn’t think that I had ever seen him in anything, but I forgot that he was in Mars Attacks.   I won’t be able to look Hipster Kitty in the face now.

  11. Jose says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned his recent work as a recurring character on The Good Wife, which was excellent, as I’ve come to expect from Mr. Fox.  Honestly, I think that the reason there is such interest in a new show starring MJF is because people have always enjoyed his work, and in the real world, he’s always come across as an exceptionally decent guy.  I really don’t think it’s a case of “tossing the poor guy a bone.”  If I ever come down with a major illness, I hope I can handle it with half the grace and aplomb of Mr. Fox (and Xeni).

  12. Kerouac says:

    I haven’t watched a sitcom in many years.  This, I will watch.

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