Syrian insurgency front lines


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  1. chenille says:

    This genuinely does shed some light on things. For those having trouble with the second image, which I found a little small, the general correlations are:

    Kurds – ‘rebel-held’ zone
    Alawites –  regime supportive area
    Christians –  ‘rebel-held’ zone
    Alawites – regime supportive area
    Shia –  ‘rebel-held’ zone in patches
    Sunni – ‘rebel-held’ zone in the very south
    Druze – regime supportive area

    This is in order from north to south, curving along the western margin of the country.

  2. Mister44 says:

    This goes to show how complex Syria is. Even with the Gov. over thrown, the various forces will probably end up fighting one another in civil war to see who seizes power.

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