The best arguments for a Disney park in Toronto are a little bit depressing

Over at The Disney Blog, Mike Bastoli has put together a few talking points proposing a potential new Disney park in Toronto. As a New Yorker, I, for one, would visit such a park at least once a month, since it would be impractical to actually live there. Two of Bastoli's biggest arguments in favor of such a park, however, are global warming (winters are getting milder every year) and overpopulation (108 million people, 35 percent of the American population, are just a nine-hour drive from Toronto, a number that is projected to reach 141 million by 2050). It makes sense, and it also sounds like an episode of Futurama. "The planet is getting warmer, and there are way too many people. Why not just funnel them into this park now that Orlando has burst into flames?" (via The Disney Blog)


  1. 2.2 million people in the Detroit area are a 4 hour drive away.  Unfortunately due to changes in the law you can no longer cross the border with simple documentation.  It requires a passport or an Enhanced Driver’s License at the Detroit/Windsor border.

    1. That’s actually not *quite* accurate.  You can cross the US/Canadian border with a border crossing card like a Nexus card, in addition to a passport or an EDL.  (Speaking from personal experience here – I don’t have a passport, but I do cross the border several times a year – generally at Port Huron/Sarnia.)

  2. Why didn’t Cory post this? I bet Maggie put you up to this. #lost5pointsinguessthepostergame

  3. not sure where you are getting the idea that 141M people within a 9 hour drive represents overpopulation?

  4. Not practical. The months of the year when people most yearn to go to theme parks (winter & spring holidays) Toronto is not really clement & no global warming is going to help that in my lifetime. Isn’t there a midwest state that needs revitalizing?

    1. but I’m guessing summer (when school is out) would be better there than Florida.

      Further west, it would start to be too far for east coasters to drive.

      1. Because it’s hot and humid for a lot of the summer. Today is pretty good but temperatures often hit into the 30’s with humidity that pushes the humidex (feels like) into the 40’s.

  5. Assuming they’re driving at 90km/h that’s 2060154 sqkm, which is 53 people/sqkm, or 18 meters per person. Of course we often live what amounts to nice vertical termite mounds, so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

  6. You know what… no.  Just no.

    I don’t mind Disney building a park in Canada, but you leave Wonderland the hell alone.  That’s OUR place (even if it’s currently owned by an American corporation).  A little cheesy but that’s what Canadians do best.

    We don’t need to be a branch of Disney.

    And IF you go ahead and do it, despite my warnings… you’d better still call it Wonderland.  Maybe tie it into Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, make it a whole theme, I don’t care.  But that’s non-negotiable. 

    1.  I may be biased, but I live about two blocks from Wonderland, and the City of Vaughan does not exactly hold traffic management as their strong suit now. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like with Disneyland style traffic.

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