The best arguments for a Disney park in Toronto are a little bit depressing

Over at The Disney Blog, Mike Bastoli has put together a few talking points proposing a potential new Disney park in Toronto. As a New Yorker, I, for one, would visit such a park at least once a month, since it would be impractical to actually live there. Two of Bastoli's biggest arguments in favor of such a park, however, are global warming (winters are getting milder every year) and overpopulation (108 million people, 35 percent of the American population, are just a nine-hour drive from Toronto, a number that is projected to reach 141 million by 2050). It makes sense, and it also sounds like an episode of Futurama. "The planet is getting warmer, and there are way too many people. Why not just funnel them into this park now that Orlando has burst into flames?" (via The Disney Blog)