The best arguments for a Disney park in Toronto are a little bit depressing


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    2.2 million people in the Detroit area are a 4 hour drive away.  Unfortunately due to changes in the law you can no longer cross the border with simple documentation.  It requires a passport or an Enhanced Driver’s License at the Detroit/Windsor border.

    • korthmat says:

      That’s actually not *quite* accurate.  You can cross the US/Canadian border with a border crossing card like a Nexus card, in addition to a passport or an EDL.  (Speaking from personal experience here – I don’t have a passport, but I do cross the border several times a year – generally at Port Huron/Sarnia.)

  2. n/a says:

    They couldn’t put it IN Toronto, there’s no room.  Where the hell would they stick a giant park like that?  

  3. Stephen Gordon says:

    Why didn’t Cory post this? I bet Maggie put you up to this. #lost5pointsinguessthepostergame

  4. Hal says:

    not sure where you are getting the idea that 141M people within a 9 hour drive represents overpopulation?

  5. Vickie Kostecki says:

    Not practical. The months of the year when people most yearn to go to theme parks (winter & spring holidays) Toronto is not really clement & no global warming is going to help that in my lifetime. Isn’t there a midwest state that needs revitalizing?

  6. Daemonworks says:

    Assuming they’re driving at 90km/h that’s 2060154 sqkm, which is 53 people/sqkm, or 18 meters per person. Of course we often live what amounts to nice vertical termite mounds, so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

  7. Peter says:

    You know what… no.  Just no.

    I don’t mind Disney building a park in Canada, but you leave Wonderland the hell alone.  That’s OUR place (even if it’s currently owned by an American corporation).  A little cheesy but that’s what Canadians do best.

    We don’t need to be a branch of Disney.

    And IF you go ahead and do it, despite my warnings… you’d better still call it Wonderland.  Maybe tie it into Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, make it a whole theme, I don’t care.  But that’s non-negotiable. 

    • Dan Hibiki says:

       If they put it anywhere they should put it in Quebec. Let the Americans drive those francophone nuts.

    • Vickie Kostecki says:

       I may be biased, but I live about two blocks from Wonderland, and the City of Vaughan does not exactly hold traffic management as their strong suit now. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like with Disneyland style traffic.

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