Discover the Magic: Walt Disney's signature in Eugene Bookstore find

Eighty-two years ago, Jane Moursund was given a signed Walt Disney copy of Snow White. Today, the book is estimated to be worth ten thousand dollars.

Moursund noted that she was more interested in the images and story as a child than Walt Disney's autograph, but now she is glad she held on to the gift all these years. A bookshop in Eugene helped confirm the signature's authenticity, and the book is being brought to auction for the lucky collector. Moursund may use the profit to take a trip to Europe.

Back then, Moursund was a 4-year-old girl enamored with the fantastic and magical world that Disney created. She confesses at the time, she was more taken with the stories and artwork than Disney's autograph.

"You know, when you're a little kid and you get a book, you love it, you sleep with it, and you throw up on it," laughed Moursund. Reflecting on its value this winter, she wasn't sure what to think as she prepared to sell it.

"It was not in really good condition so I thought it was probably a worthless book," she said. "But it did have that autograph. And so I thought 'Well, I'll check it out.'"